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5 Hair Straightening Tips for the Modern Girl

5 Hair Straightening Tips for the Modern Girl

Are you guilty of the day-to-day clamp and pull to get your hair’s locks straight and shiny? Straight hair doesn’t have to hang lifeless from your head don’t you know. You can give it a little life with a slight, natural lift from the roots. This gives it more body and it doesn’t look like you stuck your head in a t-shirt printer.

Check out a few tips to getting that perfect, modern straight hair without damaging those flowy tresses.

1. Protect Your Hair. If you iron a lot you will definitely fry your hair. Apply a heat protectant before you iron or blow dry your hair to the straight and narrow. This will add a little moisture and give your hair body without getting frizzy.

2. Add shine. Those flat irons often zap the shine right out of your hair, leaving it dull and lifeless. You can combat this by using a straightening shampoo and conditioner. These will reduce frizz and create shinier strands. Make sure you choose a shampoo and conditioner that are sulfate free!

3. Lift Your Roots. Spritz your hair with a volumizing spray that has a heat protectant. This will add a little lift to your roots and help protect your hair from all the heat.

4. Get the Temperature Right. If you have fine hair, use less heat. Coarse or thick hair needs more heat. Make sure you are using the right setting by consulting your devices instructions / guidelines.

5. Don’t Straighten in a Downward Dog Direction. Pull the flat iron (or round brush when blow drying) outward and away from your body at a slight angle. This helps with the flowy look, giving your hair a little life in its shiny, straight locks.

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