Amazon Opens First Store

Amazon is now taking its merchandise somewhere it has never gone before…offline!

While most retailers begin as actual stores and later adapt their products to be purchased off of websites, Amazon started its life online, and has since been dubbed as the world’s #1 internet retailer. So what’s with the need to move from cyber to snail-purchases? With so many companies transferring all their material to the web, why is Amazon choosing to go old-school?

In 2011, the company’s sales shot up 41%. However, profits for Amazon plummeted nearly 50%. The internet giant blames their losses on the high manufacturing costs of their popular tablet, the Kindle Fire. Amazon opening its first real-world store will allow the company to test the waters of the market.

The store, set to open in tech-savvy Seattle, will focus its attention on higher-end products, including the Kindle Fire, and new book releases. The store will not (as of right now) mimic the large-scale chain bookstores that have conquered the market thus far, such as Barnes & Noble. Amazon is pushing against the microchip of technology by expanding from digital to physical. Who knows, with so many people living in their laptops, it might be nice to stroll into a store for a change.

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  1. Wow! I feel excited about Amazon opening its actual store. I hope this will be successful like their online store and will soon expand as well in different states. Surely people would love to walk-in and shop to death with their great deals.