Are New Apple Watch Bands Worth the Price?

Since the beginning, Apple Watch has attempted to align itself with fashion and technology, insisting its creation is a beautiful standalone timepiece. 

To nail this message, the Cupertino-based brand partnered up with fashion label Hermes last year, to ensure its consumers would think of the Apple Watch as luxury.

On Thursday, Apple announced that Hermes would offer new watch band colors, including Bleu Paon, Bleu Saphir, Blanc and the iconic Hermes orange, called Feu, for spring 2016.

The styles of the single tour, double tour and cuff will continue with the new colors. The offerings will be available on April 19.

Apple Watch Hermès Single Tour Band, $340:

– Single Tour in Fauve Barenia (38mm & 42mm)
– Single Tour in Noir Box (38mm & 42mm)
– Single Tour in Capucine Swift (38mm)
– Single Tour in Etain Swift (42mm)
– Single Tour in Bleu Paon Epsom (42mm)*
– Single Tour in Blanc Epsom (38mm & 42mm)*
– Single Tour in Bleu Saphir Epsom (38mm & 42mm)*
– Single Tour in Feu Epsom (38mm & 42mm)*

Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour Band, $490:

– Double Tour in Fauve Barenia (38mm)
– Double Tour in Fauve Barenia (38mm in XL)
– Double Tour in Etain Swift (38mm)
– Double Tour in Capucine Swift (38mm)
– Double Tour in Blue Jean Swift (38mm)
– Double Tour in Bleu Paon Epsom (38mm)*
– Double Tour in Bleu Saphir Epsom (38mm)*
– Double Tour in Blanc Epsom (38mm)*
– Double Tour in Feu Epsom (38mm)*

Apple Watch Hermès Cuff, $690

– Cuff in Fauve Barenia (42mm)

So …. yea. The watch bands are nice and all … but so not worth the high price.

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