Are You Tripping on Tripster?

Are you an avid traveler? Cosarro Software, a leading mobile application developer, just launched a new social application for iPhone users with the enthusiastic traveler in mind. Tripster is a fun app for users who love to travel and meet up with other travelers from all over the world.“We are glad to announce that we have recently released our Tripster travel mobile application for everyone who loves to travel or wants to discover places all over the world together with other Tripsters. You will simply love to have it and it’s available completely free of cost,” said the CEO from Cosarro Software.

A Cosarro Software spokesperson also said the app will provide travelers with an easy way to meet up with other travelers anywhere they may roam. With Tripster, users can see other travelers’ experiences, see who may be nearby, and connect, meet up or share their travel photos with fellow Tripsters.

Right now the app is only available for iPhone users (12 years-old+), but it will be soon be available on Google Play as well.


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