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John Delia has been on all sides of the movie business from publications to film making. He has worked as a film critic with ACED Magazine for 10 years and earned a Bachelors degree in communications from the University of Florida. John is a member of the Southeastern Film Critics Association. He serves as the film editor/critic of Aced Magazine. Follow John on Twitter @staragent1 or send him a message at

Halo: Nightfall, Gamer Film Blasts onto Blu-ray



One of the most popular video games becomes a full length movie for the first time. Now on Blu-ray and DVD the film Halo: Nightfall turns the video game into a space adventure with a live action cast that does it justice. Nicely directed and depicted with gamers in mind, the production uses just the right amount of CGI to give teens to twenties a top notch adventure. The beauty of this film is not a lot of research is needed to bring you up to snuff on the adventure because it’s all new. All the characters and locations are just entering the Halo Empire so there’s no need for catching up or have even played the video game. After you have seen the film check out special features on the Blu-ray and it will help you fill in the gaps and holes for non-gamers if necessary. Read more

“The Obscure Spring” takes MIFF Grand Jury Award

MIFF logo


The 32nd Miami International Film Festival announced the winners of the competition films with The Obscure Spring (Las oscuras primaveras) taking the Grand Jury Prize. The sexually charged film starring José María Yazpik and Irene Azuela impressed a jury that included producer/director Phil Lord, British screenwriter Amma Asante and producer/actress Mercedes Gamero. The Award was presented Saturday night at the Gala Awards ceremony at Miami’s Olympia Theater at Gusman Center by James L. & John S. Knight Foundation Vice President of Arts Dennis Scholl. Read more

Run All Night, an Intense Action Crime Drama

RUN NIGHT poster


It’s father versus father in the exciting action drama Run All Night. The hard hitting crime film gets right into the story of violence and never stops dishing it out. Smart directing, very good cast and intense camera work make this film a winner. If you like Liam Neeson in movies like Taken then you will not want to miss his most powerful performance yet. Read more

Cinderella, a Dazzling Delight for Girls


CINDERELLA poster sized


Every child, especially young girls will feel the romance and the special family values within Cinderella. The live action mixed with CGI turns the original animated movie into a spectacular screen show with a perfect cast and pin point direction by Kenneth Branagh. And there’s enough comedy and adventure to treat the boys as well. What’s missing however, are the songs that made the original animated version back in the 1950’s memorable. There is very little opportunity for toe tapping and humming that we’ve come to expect from a Disney film.

Read more

WolfCop, An Outrageous Horror Comedy

WOLFCOP boxart


Outrageous, mindless and ridiculous this horror comedy has the right mixture of fun. Wolfcop is so impressive, you’ll want to see it again and again and it’s on DVD. The flick delivers good acting, action and special effects that will make you laugh, creep you out and induce vomiting in the timid. This movie is only for those who can stomach a LOT of guts and gore or huge fans of the genre. Read more

Tinker Bell and the Legend of The NeverBeast

TINKER boxart


She’s back again! Tinker Bell arrives in a Blu-ray Combo pack with a new adventure for youngsters called Disney’s Tinker Bell and the Legend of The NeverBeast. Perfect for young girls, yet adventurous enough for boys as well. The movie features the six popular fairies from Pixie Hallow and in this story you’ll meet Nix a new Fairy and leader of the Scouts. The combo pack includes the Blu-ray, DVD and a code for a download of the film. Read more

Zootopia, Disney Animated Film a Year Away

ZOOTOPIA 2016 DisneyZootopia will arrive in theaters one year from today, and in anticipation Walt Disney Animation Studios released this image and a synopsis of their 55th feature-length animated film.


The modern mammal metropolis of Zootopia is a city like no other. Comprised of habitat neighborhoods like ritzy Sahara Square and frigid Tundratown, it’s a melting pot where animals from every environment live together—a place where no matter what you are, from the biggest elephant to the smallest shrew, you can be anything. But when optimistic Officer Judy Hopps arrives, she discovers that being the first bunny on a police force of big, tough animals isn’t so easy. Determined to prove herself, she jumps at the opportunity to crack a case, even if it means partnering with a fast-talking, scam-artist fox, Nick Wilde, to solve the mystery. Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Zootopia, a comedy-adventure directed by Byron Howard (Tangled, Bolt) and Rich Moore (Wreck-It RalphThe Simpsons) and co-directed by Jared Bush (Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero), opens in theaters on March 4, 2016.

Chappie, Electrifying Thrills



Turning what could have been just another I, Robot Director Neill Blomkamp makes his film Chappie a winning sci-fi thriller. The film opens with exciting action and continues on a rollercoaster ride only slowing down to create new characters. It’s the first livewire of the year and opening during a spring break weekend should bolster the box-office. While males 17 and over including a large college crowd will fill theaters this weekend, the movie is not for kids with its display of strong violence and language. However, what Chappie gains in electrifying thrills, it lacks in emotion and charm. Read more

Victori, a View of a Prolific Artist

VICTORI boxart


Enter the world of art with Victor Victori in his just released DVD about a different kind of art style in painting. The film is called Victori: The Truth Just can’t be One Thing and takes you into the life of one of the most prolific painters. The struggling portrait artist makes this film his legacy for all to remember the man who dared to be different. Read more

VIDEO RELEASES March, April, May

March, April and May have a mix of Sci-fi, drama, action, crime and horror video releases.  Family films and documentaries are being released on DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray Combo Packs and Video on Demand.  We will have reviews on most of the titles so check back often and see what our critic has to say about them.  You may find a gem that you never knew existed. Whether you are looking for horror, action-adventure, drama, comedy, crime or alternative lifestyle— the next months will have a little something for most everyone. Read more

Big Hero 6, Oscar Winner Arrives on Home Video



Academy Award winner for best Animated film Big Hero 6 has been released on Blu-ray in a Collector’s Edition combo pack. The adventure filled film won the award this past week two days before it was made available in stores. The Walt Disney Pictures film took a huge bite out of the box-office when it was in theaters this past November coming in 10th place in the US and reaching over $500 million worldwide. The Blu-ray also contains the Academy Award winning short “Feast” as one of its many bonus features. Read more

Focus, a Story of Tricks and Scams

FOCUS poster


Moderately out of control and highly convoluted the film Focus takes its turn at the box-off. While the stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie are nice to look at their performances are weak and off the mark in this offbeat comedy crime drama that never delivers. Maybe it’s the predictability coupled with obvious misdirection that gives the feel of a tall tale without a good punchline. But whatever it is, it doesn’t work. Maybe it needed a little more energy on the part of the actors or had a lack of execution by the Directors. Read more

Deli Man, Scrumptious for Lunch and a Movie

DELI MAN poster


Hazel, we’re having Deli tonight. After seeing the documentary Deli Man I felt like I could run out and get one of the most sought after sandwiches in America, the Jewish Pastrami on rye with mustard. Umm why ‘sought after?’ Because where there were once thousands of delicatessens in New York City alone, we are down to only 150 left in the United States. And, there’s not one real New York style deli within 50 miles of where I live. Read more