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Film Editor John Delia has been on all sides of the movie business from publications to film making. He has worked as a film critic with ACED Magazine for more than 10 years and earned a Bachelors degree in communications from the University of Florida. John is a member of the Southeastern Film Critics Association. Follow John on Twitter @staragent1 or send John a message at

Camp X-Ray, Performance Driven Drama

CAMP X boxart


Delivering an excellent performance doesn’t save this view into the cells at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Detention Center. The sympathetic story of long held dissidents tied into 9/11 has no basis for truth giving the premise a cold shoulder. The insubordination depicted in Camp X-Ray without consequences makes it even more bizarre. That said, if you look at the content as pure fiction without provocation, then those who like a good drama may find the acting by Kristen Stewart and Peyman Maadi extremely good. Read more

Private Number, a Twisted Murder Mystery


Surprisingly the low budget mystery thriller Private Number hits the mark in all three categories, directing, acting and storyline. The film had a brief theatrical bow a month ago, but the crowded box-office with several blockbusters must have taken its toll on this cunning little film. But now it has been released on DVD and I highly recommend it for those who like a good compelling plot that twists and turns to the closing credits.

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Poltergeist of Borley Forest, a Ghostly Thriller

Poltergeist BOXART

Lack of a bigger budget to make Poltergeist of Borley Forest hurts the production value and turns a good idea into a ho hum recycle of other ghostly films. Now on DVD, the movie has some creative value, but not enough to make it a hit. Suffering from lack of good photography, lighting and sound efficiency, the movie just doesn’t frighten enough to deliver the impact from the storyline. If you are a horror fan and just have to see every scary flick that comes down the pike, then gather a few friends and rent this DVD.

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school-suppliesPlans are underway for our 7th Annual Back to School Bash.  Our event hopes to combine the efforts of dozens of community businesses and organizations like yours’ to aid in providing students with school supplies.  Over the past few years our efforts have grown from 250 students to over 500 students and climbing.  Our program includes both fun activities like face painting and games, to hair-cuts, health screens, and of course, school supplies.  This year promises to be even bigger!  The 2015 Back to School Bash has been themed after this year’s summer release movie: “Fantastic Four”, and is scheduled for Saturday, August 15th, 2015 from 10:30am-12:30pm.


We would appreciate your partnership in this community service event.  Please note that space is limited and your quick reply is appreciated.  We are also hoping you will help us get the word out.  If you have business partners and friends who own their own business, send them the information as well.


If you have any questions about this event please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.


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Suffragette Trailer

SUFFRAGETTE is a powerful drama about the women who were willing to lose everything in their fight for equality in early-20th-century Britain. The stirring story centers on Maud (played by Carey Mulligan), a working wife and mother whose life is forever changed when she is secretly recruited to join the U.K.’s growing suffragette movement. Galvanized by the outlaw fugitive Emmeline Pankhurst (Meryl Streep), Maud becomes an activist for the cause alongside women from all walks of life. Inspired by true events,  SUFFRAGETTE  is a moving drama exploring the passion and heartbreak of those who risked all they had for women’s right to vote – their jobs, their homes, their children, and even their lives.

SUFFRAGETTE opens this Fall

San Andreas, a Wild Ride Through Disaster


Especially for disaster movie fans, San Andreas delivers a thrilling feast for your eyes and ears. Brilliantly concocted with amazing visuals of destruction, the movie’s not much on storyline, but bold and brazen when it comes to explosive excitement. It may not be considered the disaster movie holy grail, but you’ll surly be entertained for the price of your admission. 3D is the choice you’ll want to take for an experience remembered way after leaving the theater. And for the ultimate rush, see it in IMAX 3D where available.

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Aloha, a Covert Mission and Romance

ALOHA poster


There may be an upside to Aloha, but it’s not the storyline a contrived bundle of fiction that a novice writer could have scripted. In today’s scheme of things, moviegoers, especially romantics, are demanding a screenplay that could be at least realistic so they can emulate with the characters. The word trite or even tripe comes to mind with this imposter of a love story that’s laced with comedy to hide the improbable circumstances. Evan as a comedy Aloha has its shortcomings like Emma Stone’s stumbling in love character that gets too silly to be likable.

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May and June feature releases of major films from 2014 on Blu-ray and DVD.  Most of the movies will also be available on VOD. The genre’s are all over the board from comedy to action with a little family in between. We will have reviews on most of the titles so check back often and see what our critics have to say about them.  You may find a gem that you never knew existed or a hilarious comedy to brighten your day. Whether you are looking for horror, action-adventure, drama, comedy, crime or alternative lifestyle— the next months will have a little something for most everyone.

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Southpaw, Movie Soundtrack to be Released in July

Shady Records/Interscope Records will release Southpaw (Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture), soundtrack to The Weinstein Company motion pictureSouthpaw, starring Jake Gyllenhaal.  The album- which will feature new songs created for and inspired by the film and more- will be released this July.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Billy Hope in Southpaw
Jake Gyllenhaal as Billy Hope in Southpaw


Check out the quick clip below

Strange Magic, a Cool Animated Film


Although the film Strange Magic, now on DVD, did not receive a huge theatrical box-office like most animated films, for me it’s a fun filled, artistically beautiful film that just missed its audience. The film actually works for most children 3 to 13, but should get more attention from females. I like the superb animation, very good voice acting and enjoyable soundtrack.

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The 100 Year-Old Man… a Very Comical Film

100 poster

The strange little film The 100 year-old man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared takes its audience on a wild and wacky journey. It’s a lot of fun in the vein of a Forrest Gump, but this guy has more of a trek with danger all around. The film has very good acting and is based a script taken from a work of fiction by Jonas Jonassan. The book was a 2010 best seller in Sweden that went on to sell over 3 million copies worldwide. Nicely filmed and orchestrated by director and screenwriter Felix Herngren, the movie is a hoot.

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Tomorrowland, Inspirational for Kids


The kid-friendly Tomorrowland opens this weekend with a cool adventure that should entertain the 7 to 16 year old crowd. Those of all ages who just can’t miss a sci-fi movie may also be included in this group depending on whether they accept the mild to moderate conflicts and the somewhat realistic message the film presents. As for the production, it’s very good with fine directing, computer graphics and visuals that amaze. It’s the story that takes a hit leaving audiences with a feeling that it’s a little too contrived, predictable and a bit syrupy in the finale.

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Bordering on Bad Behavior, an Irreverent Look at the Mideast Conflict



Lessons to be learned in this little film about the Middle East that captures the issues and points out the problems. The solution may not be possible, but getting to it looks like the filmmaker had a whole lot of fun. The dramedy features a fine cast, able direction and a pie-in-the-sky story that may not be too farfetched. Open up your mind and sit back while you watch a truly wicked Bordering on Bad Behavior. Read more

COPS: Wildest Chases, Crime Reality TV on DVD

COPS boxart

Spike TV has released a collection of what they call COPS: Wildest Chases on DVD. The series of cable episodes involves police units across the nation as they respond to calls involving various crimes and misdemeanors. From domestic issues to burglaries, the DVD runs around 2 hours and thirty minutes without commercial interruption.

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