Jenna Bensoussan

Jenna Bensoussan is an entertainment, lifestyle and wellness writer and editor. She served as executive editor for Smart Talk Magazine, associate editor for Counselor Magazine, and continues to serve as contributing editor for ACED Magazine. She has also contributed to newspapers such as the Boynton Times. Bensoussan holds a B.A. in communication and public relations from Florida Atlantic University.

Scarface Is Coming Back


Scarface is on its way back to theaters—and not the same way it did a few years ago. Back in 2011, Brian De Palma’s crime masterpiece returned to the silver screen for a single night to satisfy its most enthusiastic fans. This time around, the return of Scarface is not about a special screening so much as a brand new film, set to reboot the 1983 movie that reimagined Howard Hawks’ 1932 original. Read more

The Films Of Universal’s Monster Universe

tom cruise

We live in an age of sprawling, connected universes full of adventure films. We may think of it as having begun with Marvel, but the truth is that there are plenty of examples out there. The Marvel and DC superhero sagas are certainly filled with crossovers and connected narratives. The Harry Potter franchise is about to get the first of five planned spinoffs that take place in the “Wizarding World,” outside of the actual Harry Potter story. Read more

The Curse of Sleeping Beauty and the 5-Million Mile Drop

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This is not your mother’s Sleeping Beauty … The Curse of Sleeping Beauty has a perfect mix of magical beauty and scary thrills. I promise, you’ll never look at a mannequin quite the same again. Read more

They’ll Put a Hex on Your Penis, But It’s for Your Own Good

Those are probably two words no guy ever wants to hear in a sentence together (hex and penis), but this time it’s a good thing .. honest. April is STD awareness month (joy) and we started this year with the knowledge that chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis infections are on the rise in the USA; then came the discoveries surrounding the spread and implications of Zika virus in South America, now only this week the UK reported evidence of antibiotic-resistant ‘super-gonorrhea’. So, I guess they are wearing capes now… Read more

The 100 Find Their Demons Tonight

Tonight’s The 100 episode follows our favorite characters back to Arkadia where they drive into what seems to be a deserted base. Clark, Bellamy and the rest of the gang look for clues as to what happened to the rest of the people … but their desire to learn the truth may come at a cost. Check out a scene from the upcoming episode below. Read more

3 Historical Epics Hollywood Should Try

There’s one thing about Hollywood that’s been true throughout various eras of film: historical epics are always worth trying. Sure, there are innumerable examples of such movies flopping horrifically, but that never seems to stop Hollywood from giving it another go. And often, it pays off. Even Alexander, by all accounts an absolute train wreck of a film, made over $160 million worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo. Read more

Zombies Are Mutating for Upcoming Umbrella Corps Release

Hold on to your brains zombie fans, more details and new assets for the upcoming Umbrella Corps game have been released. A brand new map was created to center around the Antarctic Base from Resident Evil Code: Veronica and an additional “Mutated Zombie” creature type are infecting the title when it releases on June 21, 2016. Read more