Jenna Bensoussan

Jenna Bensoussan is an entertainment, lifestyle and wellness writer and editor. She served as executive editor for Smart Talk Magazine, associate editor for Counselor Magazine, and continues to serve as contributing editor for ACED Magazine. She has also contributed to newspapers such as the Boynton Times. Bensoussan holds a B.A. in communication and public relations from Florida Atlantic University.

I Wanna Be a Meow-Boy #Cats

Sometimes, cats need to settle things like … cowboys. This week in cats, we have a ton of fun furriness coming your way. Check out some great moments in cat times below for our Feline Friday tribute to cats and kittens everywhere!

1. Kittys love to help you when you are hard at work.

Since my dog never made it… Meet Harlequin, my 4 month old calico kitten.As soon as I got home and opened my laptop, she knew what to do.

2. They will demand you learn their masterful ways of relaxational display so you too can do it … like a boss.

Pillow paws 🙂

3. They will take up arms to defend you and the hands you use to feed them …

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4. There will be no clowning around when they are serious …

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5. And finally … they will always remind you who’s boss (hint: it isn’t you).

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Fever High Tantalized with New Single’s Release

Fever High is a Brooklyn-based indie-pop band specializing in upbeat, retro indie dance tunage. Reminesce of 80s pop bands like the GoGos, these ladies will definitely get you moving and smiling.

The band is comprised of singer/instrumentalists Anna Nordeen and Reni Lane. Their sound is retro-tinged, danceable indie pop, with infectious choruses, lush harmonies, and an irresistible blend of analog synths and organic textures.

Tantalized was recorded with collaborator/producer Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne). You can grab it on Amazon starting August 14, 2015.

Fever High has recently begun playing shows as a quartet, rounding out their live line-up with drummer Brian Wolfe (Sufjan Stevens, David Byrne/St. Vincent). Check for shows near you.

AT&T Offers $500 to DirecTV and U-verse Customers

AT&T is offering up to $500 to DirecTV and U-verse customers who switch their wireless service to AT&T, marking the latest move in the fight for mobile users. Current subscribers of DirecTV or U-verse, will receive a $300 bill credit for each mobile line they switch over, as long as they buy a smartphone through AT&T Next, a monthly payment alternative to two-year contracts. Read more