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“Bloodrunners” and “Slasher.com” now on home video

“Bloodrunners” and “Slasher.com” now on home video

Two wicked films were released on DVD and Blu-ray this past week and if you are into vampires and serial killers than read on. The first one called Slasher.com is available on DVD only and most retailers should have enough copies to go around. The film has some very good acting, but the low budget does show through. The story has a few twists that you won’t see coming and the director opens a crack in the door of online dating before putting you in the forest for a visit to a backwoods family.

Kristy (Morgan Carter) and Jack (Ben Kaplan) arrive at the cabins in Slasher.com

In Slasher.com TV reporters are having a hayday reporting the story from the police about murders of several women by the slasher serial killer in a Missouri City.  He has been meeting and killing women who have been using online dating to find a partner. Already at 13 the killer has not been able to be traced and has put a shroud over the city.

Jewel Sheppard as Mamma in Slasher.com

The whole city has not been worried however, as we find Jack (Ben Kaplan) and Kristy (Morgan Carter) meeting at his apartment and starting their first date.  Wanting to be alone to get to know each other Kristy has set up a weekend at a romantic cabin in the woods. So begins a story so vicious and diabolical that even the most ardent fan of blood and guts movies should get a bit queasy.

Slasher.com has not been rated by the MPAA, but contains violence, drugs, language, nudity and sex. Adults only; not recommended for children under 17 or immature teens.

Ice-T as Chesterfield and Michael McFadden as Jack Malone in Bloodrunners

The movie Bloodrunners has been released on both Blu-ray and DVD and Digital Download from several online outlets. The film stars Ice-T who makes his character smooth and demonic throughout this horror flick. His support cast does a good job of making the film work and there’s plenty of violence, sex and brief nudity to fill in between the crime and vampire bloodlusting.

Ice-T gets wicked as Chesterfield in Bloodrunners

In Bloodrunners we are sent back to 1933 where Prohibition and bootlegging are in full swing. Running a popular speakeasy we find Chesterfield (Ice-T) playing horn in front of his orchestra and a lively crowd drinking the night away. But, also in the crowded night club are two corrupt detectives Jack Mallone (Michael McFadden) and his partner Sam (Dan McGlaughlin), both on the take for keeping their mouth shut on what goes on in the joint. But, there’s more than meets the eye here as the story develops into a cornucopia of lust, liquor, and a thirst for blood.

Bloodrunners Blu-ray and DVD box set has the following Bonus features: “Gag Reel”, Deleted Scenes- “Alternate Opening”, “Luther at Theatre”, “Jack and Sam driving”; Extended Scenes: Jack and Rosie Reminisce”, “Victor and Willie Stealing a Police Car”. There is also a Filmmaker Commentary with director/writer Dan Lantz and actor Michael McFadden.

Bloodrunners has not been rated by the MPAA but, the low budget movie contains crude language, violence, sex and nudity. Not recommended for children under 17 or immature teens. Also available on iTunes, Steam, Google Play, Xbox, Playstation and various cable platforms, including Comcast, Dish, Rogers and Shaw.

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