Candy Crush Creators’ New Office Is Like Candy Land

While most companies avoid cheerful and playful work places, there are those who know how to use colours and encourage the creativity of their employees. The company King, which created the popular game Candy Crush, made offices for their employees inspired by the games – and they are a-mazing!

The colorful rooms are settled in Stockholm. All game characters are included in the design of the 42 Candy Crush rooms.

01 02 03“Using 200 games of King, we created a place where every employee can work and be inspired by the world of gamers.” – said Hans Adlofsson, who is the mind behind these creative rooms. “We didn’t make offices. We’ve created a kingdom.”

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Now this is a place of work you not only enjoy commuting to every day because you know the awesomeness awaiting you — but you never want to leave! Can you imagine the productivity? Nom nom…

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