“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” A Teen View

Clear your calendar for the newest episode of the movie franchise that teens and adults have been entranced with for the past 30 years! You can now add Star Wars: The Last Jedi to the historic sci-fi intergalactic saga. This chapter takes you beyond the beyond with amazing CGI visuals that will make you feel as though you are part of the exciting adventure. And, choose a theater you know has fine projection and excellent sound so you will get the complete experience. Read more

“The Osiris Child” A fascinating Sci-fi Adventure

Kind of a cool way to search the movie The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume one hits home on Blu-ray and DVD. With nice special effects, a good storyline involving a lot of action and sets that deliver outer space, the show plays well. If you like sci-fi films involving interesting characters played by an experienced cast, then this one should fit the bill. Read more

“The Colors of Emily”… intrigue, murder and the power of faith and family.

An uplifting film that unwinds gently and purposefully like a skein of yarn in a grandmother’s loving hands, “The Colors of Emily” tugs at your heart as its plot needlepoints to a surprisingly satisfying conclusion. Helmed by Chip Rossetti and written by M.T. Arnold and Timothy Paul Taylor, the faith-based family drama unites art, sisterhood, cathartic healing, and a nefarious lawyer seeking wealth and power. Read more

Video Releases For December, January, February

Upcoming in the next few months are a very good selection of movies on video.  Genre’s include romance, children’s/family animation, horror, drama, comedy and action films on DVD/Blu-ray/VOD/Digital HD and 4K.  The releases are of titles that were  in theaters and TV series, VOD as well as direct to video.  The most notable are Fargo Season 3 and Game of Thrones season 7.  We will be updating the column so please frequent our Video Release page. The films may also be available on VOD or just Digital HD so look for the download information inside the video release box.

We will be reviewing select titles so keep in touch at www.acedmagazine.com to get opinions from our writing staff.  You might also discover a gem that you didn’t know existed or a hilarious comedy to brighten your day. Whether you’re on the lookout for horror, action-adventure, drama, comedy, thriller, romance, crime, foreign, children’s or lifestyles— the list below has a lot to offer. Read more

Holland Taylor on acting, favorite roles, auditions and “Kepler’s Dream”

Best known as Professor Stromwell in “Legally Blonde,” Bunny in “The Wedding Date,” and Evelyn Harper in “Two and a Half Men,” Philadelphia born Holland Taylor attended Quaker schools, then majored in drama at Bennington College. After fifteen years of “disappointments and near misses” in New York and California, Holland was cast as Ruth Dunbar in the 1980s sitcom “Bosom Buddies” with Tom Hanks. It was Holland’s breakout role and it led to many TV and film offers, including her role as Kathleen Turner’s book publisher in “Romancing the Stone” and her Emmy winning performance as Judge Roberta Kittleson in “The Practice.” Read more

Stars align to solve a mystery in “Kepler’s Dream”

“Is there Wi-Fi here?” asked 11-year old Ella. “Over my dead body,” replied grandmother Violet in a straight-laced tone that pretty much sums up a budding summer relationship in “Kepler’s Dream.”

Like most films in this genre, “Kepler’s Dream” is lyrically cadenced to a slower, measured pace. Based on the acclaimed novel by Juliet Bell and helmed by Amy Glazer, the heartfelt drama unites paternal neglect, motherly love, and a bit of Nancy Drew sleuthing. The feel-good family film caters unapologetically to the young and young at heart. Read more

“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri ” a Brilliant Satire

A great assembling of actors, excellent control by director Martin McDonagh and a vicious script make Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri a winner. The crime drama, laced with cynical comedy puts the film up there with the movie Fargo and even TV’s “Fargo”. While I may like the film, it does have some racist tones that may offend. That said, McDonagh has a penchant for turning the tables on the offensive comments and actions, and here he does it big time. Read more

Interview with World Renowned Choreographer Heidi Duckler

Heidi Duckler (photo: Gregory Bartning)

Founded in 1985 by choreographer Heidi Duckler, the Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre (HDDT) has created thought-provoking and constantly evolving dance experiences, engaging audiences through artistry in non-traditional locations. A unique model of how a dance company supports and influences their LA-based dancers, HDDT’s approach elevates pop culture dance to a new artistic level. The strategic choreography works across large-scale concerts, commercials, and community projects. Read more

Jenn Gotzon Chandler talks Faith & Healing in “Unbridled”

Award-winning actress and international model, Jenn Gotzon Chandler got her career break playing President Nixon’s daughter, Tricia, in the five-time Oscar Nominated “Frost/Nixon.” She went on to star in a variety of award-winning films, including “Doonby,” “God’s Country,” “The Sacred Eternal,” and “Julie and Jack.” In “Unbridled,” Chandler is Felicity Clawson, a counselor who runs a healing ranch for troubled teens by teaching them to care for horses. The film exposes the evils of sex trafficking in suburbia and chronicles the journey of 16-year old Sarah Miller (Téa Mckay) as she struggles to find solace away from her alcoholic mother and criminally abusive stepfather. In this one-on-one interview, Chandler reveals some insights about the film, her faith, and what she learned about the healing power of horses. Read more

“Justice League” Plays to it’s Fan Base

Review by Gino Sassani

“We have to be ready. You, me, the others… there’s an attack coming from far away.” Justice League

The DC and Marvel rivalry can be quite fierce at times. I never completely understood the polarized fan base, however. Some of us are just fans of the genre and will welcome a good comic book movie from either and preferably both studios. When it comes to a cinematic universe, however DC has had some real issues with trying to bring together a combined hero world. Most of the films leading up to Justice League have been dark and filled with brooding heroes. With Batman that kind of thing is appropriate and works. With Superman it has been a severe letdown. When the two came together in Batman vs. Superman, the disappointment started to lead to a resigned conviction that DC was doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Read more