Interview with Yaiza Figueroa on the sci-fi thriller “Anti Matter”

Hailing from Puerto Rico and trained at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, Yaiza Figueroa is noted for A Beautiful Death, The Befuddled Box of Betty Buttifint and the lead in Grace and The Showreel. In Anti Matter, Figueroa is Oxford PhD student Ana, who finds herself unable to build new memories following an experiment to generate and travel through a wormhole. The taut sci-fi thriller follows Ana’s desperate efforts to understand what happened, and to find out who—or what—is behind the rising confusion in her life. In this one-on-one interview, Yaiza reveals what attracted her to this intellectual thriller and what she drew upon to bring Ana to life. Read more

Interview with Angela Dixon on the thriller “Never Let Go”

Known for nail-biting thrillers like Offensive and Dead End, award-winning actress Angela Dixon won Best Actress at the Artemis, Women In Action Film Festival in LA and has garnered much praise from critics and audiences alike; ‘a towering tour de force’, ‘electrifying central performance, ‘powerhouse performance’, ‘superb lead turn from the totally committed Angela Dixon’. Read more

Interview with Sophie Vavasseur

Known for Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Evelyn and Becoming Jane, Dublin born Sophie Vavasseur has also appeared in the historical drama Vikings. In this sixth installment of the popular Bring It On franchise, Vavasseur is Hannah, a key member of the Rebels cheer team. Challenged in a smack down by a rogue team called “The Truth,” the Rebels also face the U.S. Northern Elite Gymnastics & Cheer team and 19 squads from around the world. In this one-on-one interview, Sophie reveals what drew her to this film and how she feels about the various roles she’s had to play.

Cristine Prosperi, Gia-Lodge-OMeally & Sophie Vavasseur

Most of your work has centered on heavy or serious topics. What drew you to this light-hearted film?

Sophie Vavasseur: I have a huge love and passion for dancing and gymnastics, which was a big part of my life growing up. I still know the words to the original Bring it On. Being able to combine all my passions in one project—acting, dancing and gymnastics—was almost like a dream come true. You rarely get that in a project, so I jumped at the opportunity to be in such an iconic franchise.

The Rebels

Did you ever have aspirations for getting into professional gymnastics?

Sophie: When I was younger, I trained three times a week. My mom is actually a gymnastics coach. She never coached me, but I took to it like a duck to water from the age of six. I competed until I was eleven, but it was strength and conditioning for nine hours a week. So I’m still able to do all the backflips. While I never competed professionally, it was a hobby and passion of mine.

Rebels in street challenge

Did you audition for the role?

Sophie: We had a couple of audition scenes that included dance and gymnastics. So I put a show reel together with me doing different floor moves and back flips. It came to me so easily and I was already familiar with the franchise.

“The Truth” challengers

Hannah was tough with a bit of an attitude. How is Hannah like Sophie and how is she different?

Sophie: Hannah was very diverse, certainly more than meets the eye. I suppose we share the same basic traits. I’m quite driven. I like to be the best I can be and reach my full potential at all times.

Leader of The Truth

How hard was it to learn the cheer routines?

Sophie: We had five weeks of rehearsals. It was a boot camp of almost 10 hours a day and a shock to the system for all the actors. I was the only one who had a gymnastics background, but I hadn’t done gymnastics for eight years. We were all in about the same position. We were thrown right into the deep end, doing stunts on the second day. We had dancers and cheerleaders on set and they were very supportive. While it was physically and mentally demanding, it was my favorite part of the overall process. For me, it was like being a kid in a candy shop.

Cristine Prosperi and Sophie Vavasseur

What was the camaraderie like among your team?

Sophie: Chris (Prosperi) and I were the first to arrive in Cape Town and we became friends from the start. Then Gia and Jordan came and we were all living in the same complex—basically in each other’s pockets for three months. We were all actors about the same age with different personalities and we made very authentic friendships. I still talk to Chris every second day and Gia and Jordan. They’ll be my friends for life. I feel very lucky to have that because not every project allows you to develop genuine friendships with cast members.

Cristine Prosperi, Gia Lodge-O’Meally, Sophie Vavasseur & Natalie Walsh

What was life like for you in Dublin, Ireland?

Sophie: I grew up as the youngest of four. We all have different career paths. My eldest is a consultant in pediatrics, my brother is a stockbroker and my other sister is in marketing. I’m the one who everyone worried about, being in the creative field. My mom and dad gave us lots of opportunities when we were younger, putting us into as many activities as possible to see what works for us. We all did a bit of modeling and advertising, but I was the only one who hung on to it growing up. It was strange growing up in Dublin, because I didn’t know anyone in the entertainment industry. In some ways, it was very lonely, but now, as an adult, I know a lot more people in the industry. Acting was definitely not the thing to do in Dublin.

Sophie Vavasseur as Princess Ellisif

You’re also in Vikings as Princess Ellisif. How would you compare being in Bring it On vs. Vikings?

Sophie: I’ve done quite a few period dramas. Vikings is a huge production and it was an honor to be part of it. But the intensity is there in both projects.

What’s next for you? More TV, more films?

Sophie: I just spent three months in L.A. auditioning, so hopefully, I’ll be back working very soon. I’m very open minded. Most important for me is to be able to relate to the character. Generally, I like more serious roles with substance that I can sink my teeth into. But I’m very athletic, so I won’t shy away from physically demanding parts.

This 6th Bring It On will be released on? ?August 29th.

Interview with Parisa Fitz-Henley on “Midnight Texas”

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Interview with “Ice Cream Truck’s” Deanna Russo

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At the “Van Helsing” roundtable with Chris Heyerdahl & showrunner Neil LaBute

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At the “Van Helsing” roundtable with Paul Johansson and Jonathan Scarfe

Coming up on its second season, 13-episode run, Van Helsing promises more gore, more surprises, and more white knuckle suspense as the good guys circle the wagons against a growing threat of meat suit maniacs. In last season’s finale, Vanessa is finally reunited with her daughter as she learns some hard truths about the family she didn’t know existed. And, yes, Axel is alive. Find out more about what’s coming up in Season 2 as Paul Johansson and Jonathan Scarfe open up–without going into any spoilers.

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At the roundtable as John C. McGinley talks “Stan Against Evil”

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Interview with Clare Kramer on her new inspirational documentary, “Joyrider”

On June 13th 2017 André Kajlich was the first person to hand cycle coast to coast in the Race Across America. His journey is featured in Joyrider, a documentary directed by Clare Kramer (Glory, Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Courtney, Bring it On). Joyrider chronicles the journey of the first and only handcyclist to qualify for the grueling 3,000-mile, 12-day race crossing 12 states. The film captures the true athleticism and history making drive of this para-triathlete as he triumphs over his double leg amputation. In this one-on-one interview, Kramer explains her passion and the challenges she and her team faced in creating Joyrider. Read more

Interview with Director Megan Freels Johnston on “The Ice Cream Truck”

A neat little brew of Housewives of OC meets Scream, The Ice Cream Truck explores the nagging suspicions we’ve all had about those doodle-ding trucks and soon to be cougar Milfs trolling suburbia. When housewife Mary (Deanna Russo) returns to her suburban hometown, she discovers an off-kilter mix of overly nosy neighbors, overly sexed teens and an ice cream man overly dedicated to serving scoops of blood with his Rum Raisin. In this one-on-one interview, director Megan Freels Johnston reveals the challenges she faced in bringing The Ice Cream Truck to the screen.

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Interview with Alexis Carra on “The Answer”

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Alexis Carra is best known for her roles as Cynthia McDermott in the TV Series Recovery Road and as Jessica in Mixology. She has also appeared in Grey’s Anatomy, Castle, The Mentalist and Anger Management. In The Answer, Carra is Charlotte Parker, a smart, sassy office worker who helps introvert and mysteriously gifted co-worker Bridd Cole (Austin Hébert) figure out who is hunting him and the secret to his true identity. The award winning film helmed by newcomer Iqbal Ahmed unites mystery, sci-fi, fantasy and romance into a nail biting thriller. In this one-on-one interview, Alexis reveals the joys and challenges she faced in bringing Charlotte to life.

Alexis Carra

What attracted you to the role of Charlotte?

Alexis Carra: I liked that she was more than just a love interest for Bridd. To be more than just the sexy vixen that makes Bridd look good. I liked that she had a complicated past, which enabled her to help Bridd get out of his own way to see the things that he needed to see. It was a real partnership. Their love story was really the C story that evolved. I liked that she was a badass. Read more

Interview with musician/composer Rachel Flowers and director Lorenzo DeStefano on “Hearing is Believing”

In the new feature documentary Hearing Is Believing, the extraordinary multi-talented musician/composer Rachel Flowers reveals what it’s like to have perfect pitch. Award-winning producer/director Lorenzo DeStefano introduces the world to the phenomenally talented Flowers, creating a dynamic and engaging portrait of a musical prodigy. The documentary follows Rachel, who is blind, and her single mother living paycheck to paycheck with two children. Underscored with Rachel’s stunning music as the soundtrack, Hearing Is Believing revels in Rachel’s joyous love of song, illuminating the bonds of family and the divine mysteries of creativity. Read more

Interview with Stefanie Estes on “If Looks Could Kill”

Based on true events, If Looks Could Kill follows Faith (Stefanie Estes), a rookie cop eager to prove herself in law enforcement. She joins old flame Paul (Tomek Kosalka) on the force, but is soon crestfallen and grows increasingly troubled when Paul becomes romantically involved with Jessica (Summer Spiro). A lethal beauty obsessed with stardom, Jessica harbors a criminal past and a future sure to leave dead lovers in her wake. It’s classic good vs. evil in a twist and turn nail biter as Faith struggles to build a case against Jessica—before the body count reaches Paul. In this one-on-one interview, Stefanie reveals the challenges she faced in portraying a rookie cop and how she brought the character of Faith to life. Read more