Drive Angry, Hell on Earth

Out of the depths of hell and brimstone comes Drive Angry 3D a wicked ‘grindhouse’ film that takes evil to a higher level.  It’s a lot of campiness in a large bundle of violence and mayhem.  Director Patrick Lussier gets his cast to whittle down their talent and fit their trailer trash persona.  If you are a fan of films like Machete and Planet Terror, then this cut is right up your alley. Read more

I Am Number Four, a Heart Pumper

The movie I Am Number Four falls somewhere between an episode of the X-Men and X Files with all the excitement, special creatures and cunning storyline.  The action starts early and continues, following an introduction of subsequent characters, providing an adrenaline kick for action junkies.  I like I Am Number Four even though it could have easily been a cable film on the FX Network. I wouldn’t doubt that it’s where we will find the next sequel. Read more

Just Go With It, a Mature Comedy

A very funny script and a cast with great chemistry in hilarious situations the film Just Go With It gets 2011 off to a good start.  What drives the ordinary plot to a successful piece of comedic entertainment are the trio of leads and three wonderful support characters.  Just Go With It provides great entertainment for a date or girls/guys night out. Read more

T-Shirts to Benefit Children’s Charities

The news follows the successful online charity auction last month, through the SAG Foundation, of the wedding rings worn in The Kids Are All Right by Annette Bening and Julianne Moore in their film roles as a married couple. To raise additional monies for charity all five principal actors from the film have autographed one T-shirt apiece donated by the production; Ms. Bening, Ms. Moore, Mr. Ruffalo, Mia Wasikowska, and Josh Hutcherson all wore the respective T-shirts in-character in the movie. The five items will be posted as separate auctions, and not as a lot. Details on the T-shirts, many of which are prominent in memorable scenes from the movie, are as follows:

Read more

The Illusionist, Charming and Magical

Just nominated for an Academy Award The Illusionist rounds out the candidates for Best-Animated feature.  I like the film for it’s old style flat animation and the storyline.  If you saw The Triplets of Belleville, another Oscar nominated feature several years ago, then you will get the same feel with this film.   Is it the Best-Animated film for 2010? Not if you like the modern CGI animation laden leaders that feature 3D with all the eye popping special effects. Read more

Blue Valentine, an Arrow in the Heart

Tense, convincing and hypnotic are the three words that come to mind when describing Blue Valentine.  The story is one that most everyone knows or has lived through but it’s the presentation, performances and cinematography that make it intriguing, involving and sometimes disturbing. Women will probably like the film more than most men, but Blue Valentine still makes a good date movie, just maybe not on Valentines Day. Read more