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  • San Andreas, a Wild Ride Through Disaster

    San Andreas, a Wild Ride Through Disaster0

    Especially for disaster movie fans, San Andreas delivers a thrilling feast for your eyes and ears. Brilliantly concocted with amazing visuals of destruction, the movie’s not much on storyline, but bold and brazen when it comes to explosive excitement. It may not be considered the disaster movie holy grail, but you’ll surly be entertained for

  • Aloha, a Covert Mission and Romance

    Aloha, a Covert Mission and Romance0

      There may be an upside to Aloha, but it’s not the storyline a contrived bundle of fiction that a novice writer could have scripted. In today’s scheme of things, moviegoers, especially romantics, are demanding a screenplay that could be at least realistic so they can emulate with the characters. The word trite or even

  • Master the Dark Arts on #Bitten this Friday

    Master the Dark Arts on #Bitten this Friday0

    As the witches prepare for Savannah’s initiation ritual, Aleister arrives to Stovenhaven to stir up trouble. Catch a glimpse of what is to come in the sneak peek. Watch the new episode of Bitten on the CW Friday at 11/10c.