Production for New Show Hunters on SyFy Begins

Production started in Melbourne, Australia on the upcoming SyFy thriller series Hunters. The new show is from executive producers Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead, The Terminator Trilogy) and Natalie Chaidez (12 Monkeys, Heroes), who will also serve as showrunner, and Emile Levisetti (Royal Pains). Ernest Dickerson (The Walking Dead, Dexter) is set to direct the pilot. Read more

Disney’s Descendants, a Cool Teen Musical



Taking a few ideas from High School Musical and adding offspring of four of Disney’s evil villains makes Disney Channel a winner with their newest teen/tween adventure Descendants. It’s a well-made film with fine direction, young Disney stars and a whole lot of fun for the whole family. Yep, even dad if he watches with his daughter. Targeted toward females, it makes a perfect film for the sleep over or pajama party crowd. Now on DVD the film has no commercial interruptions and some bonus material that keeps the party going. Read more

The Salvation, a Gripping Action Drama



It’s one of those films that gets lost in the shuffle among the more promoted movies and cannot find audiences. The gripping action drama The Salvation however, now on DVD has a powerful story, top notch acting, very good directing and amazing cinematography. Yes it’s a western and most think of the spaghetti westerns of old that crowded theaters and television sets for years. However, if you did not see last year’s The Homesman you missed a dynamite movie, but pick-up The Salvation so you won’t make the same mistake. Read more

Appetites, a Gruesome Comedy



If you are a comedy horror fan and like your films very ghastly, gruesome, gory and grisly, then you should get a charge out of Appetites an indie shock movie that’s strong on characters, light on acting and with fair directing. When it comes to production values, Appetites lacks a good meal and needs some upgraded utensils. If you just want to get together with some men for laughs or just gross out some gal pals, this movie will do the trick. Read more

Northmen A Viking Saga, Continuous Action

NORTHMAN poster theatrical


The taut adventure film Northmen a Viking Saga delivers a bloody Norsemen story with no-stop action. The story may not be new to you especially if you have watched a lot of westerns, but I do like the characters, the chase and the combat. The costumes give the look of Viking warriors, the make-up brings some realism to the sliced up fighters and the cinematography of the locations where it was shot stunning and picturesque. In all the production value proves above par and the acting follows suit. Read more

M:I-Rogue Nation, Another Good Thriller

MISSION poster 2


A tad too long, a bit slow, but enough impossible action to keep you awake to the very end. The fifth sequel Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation hits theaters this weekend as the alpha lone wolf for its male targeted audience. The cast from Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol returns in support of Tom Cruise with the addition of Alec Baldwin and newbie Jessica Ferguson and all put on a good show. While this one does entertain, it doesn’t have the punch of Ghost Protocol. Read more

Cobb Theatres Annual Back to School Event August 15th

The annual Cobb Theatre Grove 16 & CinéBistro Back to School Event in Wesley Chapel, Florida will take place on August 15th.  It is completely free for children with accompanying parent.  Geared for the younger kids, the event will offer FREE school supplies, health & dental supplies, hair cuts, face painting, games & more!

Only at: Grove 16 & CinéBistro is located at 6333 Wesley Grove Blvd., Wesley Chapel, Florida 33544 (Tampa, Florida area) 813.948.5445

Cobb Back to School poster

Please note that this event does not include admission to films playing at the movie theater.  Please call the theater if you have any questions.  Plenty of Free Parking.


Cobb announcements

10 Cent Pistol, an Explosive Crime Thriller


10 CENT PISTOL poster


The explosive crime thriller 10 Cent Pistol involves a robbery gone bad, a debt paid in blood and a mixed up romance that adds a nice twist for good measure. The movie’s one of those indies that come along once in a while and turn into gold on the screen. Extremely well written and directed by Michael C. Martin, the movie has plenty of twists and intrigue to entertain most adults.

Read more

An Interview with Rachel Miner on “Frank the Bastard”

Rachel Miner
Rachel Miner

By the time she was ten, Rachel Miner had not only worked for Woody Allen, but was cast as Michelle Bauer on Guiding Light, a portrayal that earned her three Young Artist Awards and an Emmy nomination. Miner has since appeared in such TV series as Shining Time Station: ‘Tis a Gift, Sex and the City, Californication, and several seasons in Supernatural as the Meg Masters demon.

In Frank The Bastard, Miner plays Clair Defina, a recently divorced 33 year-old New Yorker who feels lost and vulnerable. Hoping that a visit to her New England childhood home will help her depression, Clair is instead thrust into an incredibly challenging situation—meeting relatives she never knew she had and encountering a tangled web of secrets and lies. Ultimately, she confronts, unravels, and resolves a painful family history. In this one-on-one interview, Miner reveals the challenges she faced in life, her acting career and in bringing Clair to life.

What attracted you to the role of Clair?

Rachel Miner: I loved her intelligence. And her interest in poetry—we share that. I loved exploring a character’s life without being too fantastic or supernatural. It was fun to play a kind of down to earth, real person.

You went from badass demon on Supernatural to vulnerable Clair in Frank the Bastard. What did you find most challenging about the transition?

Miner: I didn’t find the transition to be too challenging. One of the wonderful things about acting is not having an expectation, being present, and not bringing any preconceived notion to the role. It’s fun to take one skin off, metaphorically, and don another to delve into different things. That’s the pleasure of taking that creative wave. As much as I loved Meg, and being able to explore a role outside of reality, I also enjoyed getting into something very human.

Rachel Miner in Frank the Bastard
Rachel Miner in Frank the Bastard

What life experiences did you draw from to prepare for portraying Clair?

Miner: I don’t know specifically, because these things happen on a subconscious level. I know that I was drawing from my life’s feelings and experiences. I spent a little time on college campuses, trying to relate to that environment because I love it, I’m attracted to it, and because it’s not something I personally experienced.

Rachel Miner
Rachel Miner

You seem to favor characters that are internally troubled or emotionally adrift. Do you find you have a natural affinity for these roles?

Miner: I must. I’m attracted to characters with more profound, deep-seated emotions that all of us have. So I tend to gravitate to that within a character no matter what. It’s not something I cultivate, but I know that even if I’m given a vary vapid, upbeat character, I try to find what’s deep and underneath.

What I like about you is that you always mix a little humor and sarcasm in everything you do. So I find myself eagerly awaiting your next line.

Miner: Thank you. That means a lot to me. I don’t try to be too funny, but I always like to bring a bit of levity into my roles. Even in the darker circumstances, it really helps. So I’m delighted to hear that comes across.

Rachel Miner & Andy Comeau
Rachel Miner & Andy Comeau

What role would you love to play that you haven’t yet explored?

Miner: I have no idea. There are so many people and circumstances that really interest me. So I don’t really think about that. I’m ready to accept whatever comes my way.

What do you like about working in film as opposed to TV?

Miner: There are real advantages to both. I like the change of scenery and the travel that goes with working in film. I find that brings something to whatever you’re doing. With TV, people show up doing the same job day in and day out, so it’s rare to have that camaraderie, although it’s something I experienced on Supernatural.

What do you like and hate about auditions?

Miner: I like meeting new people. And I get so fascinated by what they’re working on and their passions that I don’t always track the fact that I should be impressing. I don’t like the aspect of auditioning that causes self-consciousness. I think the killer in auditions is that you become self aware of the people looking at you and nothing else, so there’s nothing else to add to the magic of the illusion.

Rachel Miner & Andy Comeau
Rachel Miner & Andy Comeau

What were you like in high school?

Miner: You’d have to ask some people I went to high school with. I definitely felt like I was very shy. I was a “hiding behind the hair” kind of good girl. I loved learning, but socially, I felt pretty awkward. I didn’t like showing my face and being looked at. I didn’t feel that anyone should notice me and I didn’t want to be noticed.

What do you do to unwind?

Miner: I read a lot and do a lot of online studying. I listen to music and lectures from the Great Courses, which lets you download college lectures from professors. I also love walking through the park.

What’s next for you—any upcoming film, TV projects you can talk about?

Miner: I’m kind of in transition. I’m open to new projects, but I’ve also been writing. I kind of enjoy this free time to catch up on the times I missed because I started working at such a young age.