Monkey Kingdom, A Romp in the Jungle with Primates




Going into the jungle of Shri Lanka, Disneynature captures the emotional,  fun loving and complicated world of Monkey Kingdom. Now on Blu-ray and DVD the excellently written and narrated the film is a treat for families and nature lovers. If you are a follower of Disneynature then you know what you are in for, a complete visual live documentary of the subject matter and a fun romp around the habitat of primates. It’s a family event and a chance to view it with your youngsters for a learning experience they will never forget.

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Black Mass a Disturbing True Story



A very violent and disturbing true story Black Mass takes you into the world of one of Boston’s infamous criminals James “Whitey” Bulger. Played out superbly by Johnny Depp as Bulger and for his performance alone this film should not be missed. Well-acted by a superior support cast and directed by Scott Cooper the movie should be considered for the short list of Oscar contenders. While the story gets very brutal and alarming, there’s no other way to tell it. Read more

Everest, Challenging a Slippery Slope




The breathtaking beauty and the intense visuals combine to give you the thriller Everest, in IMAX. The movie tells the true story of climbers trying to reach the highest point on Earth above sea level and the tragedy that encompasses their dissent. Amazingly photographed, the movie is an artistic production of thrills and chills. Although the heartrending story provides the drama for the film, it’s the mountain and the climb that delivers the punch. Read more

Cinderella Dances onto Blu-ray



Every child and the child within you, especially females teens on up, will feel the romance and the special family values within Cinderella.  The live action feature now on Blu-ray and DVD turns the original animated movie into a spectacular home entertainment show with a perfect cast and pin point direction by Kenneth Branagh. And there’s enough comedy and adventure to treat the boys as well.  What’s missing however, are the songs that made the original animated version back in the 1950’s memorable.  There is very little opportunity for toe tapping and humming that we’ve come to expect from a Disney film. Read more

Disney Short Film Collection includes Oscar Winner






The Walt Disney Company has released a collection of animated shorts on Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack. The twelve cartoon features are some of the top selections from their Animation Studio and includes 2015’s Oscar Winner. They are family friendly, comical, heartfelt as well as inspirational and informative. Some were never released in theaters and each has a personality all its own. This collection has some of the better productions ever put together for home viewing. Read more

Pitch Perfect 2 Enters on a High Note



Swinging into Pitch Perfect 2, the very funny and uplifting musical offers a good time for the over 13 crowd and it’s now on Blu-ray and DVD. The whole cast is returning from the first episode and they are in a battle to keep their legacy intact. You’ll be treated to the antics of your favorites from last year and a group of new characters who will rock the house. Jam packed with special features, other than Disney releases no other studio gives home viewers this many extras on Blu-ray.  Available for home viewing on September 22. Read more

Aquarius, Revisiting Evil and Free Love



David Duchovny pulls off an exceptional performance in  TV’s “Aquarius”. The first season of the series, now on Blu-ray in an unrated version, is loosely based on Charles Mansion prior to the murders of the La Bianca’s and Sharon Tate. The show introduces events that led up to the discovery of Mansion’s commune, the investigation, prostitution and how he established his following. Support actors are exceptionally good and the fast paced script plays out nicely without interruptions or cut-away. Read more

Meru, Real and Gutwrenching

MERU poster 1


Sliding into a release slot the film Meru, a breathtaking mountain climbing documentary, takes center stage only 14 days before the opening of the movie Everest. The exciting action adventure uses cameras to record the actual events that took place in attempts to scale the over 4 miles high virgin peak of Meru in Gharwal Himalayas. Many experienced mountaineers tried to reach the summit called “Shark Fin”, but failed. Filmed in real time this is the true story of three determined climbers who just wouldn’t let the mountain defeat them.

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The Dempsey Sisters, a TV Melodrama

The low budget indie film The Dempsey Sisters has come to DVD with a story of getting one’s life on track and bonding for friendship. The film gets very predictable after the first ten minutes and then settles down for an average bit of fun and entertainment. It would have been a lot better if more songs were used in the production, especially with this exceptional cast noted for their musical talent. Read more

Checkmate, Twisting Fate

CHECKMATE boxart 1


Robbing a bank can be a disaster for everyone concerned and that’s what the film Checkmate’s story really has to say. Not well-acted and loosely directed, the story actually needs explaining if you want to know what the script writer intended. For entertainment purposes it’s easier to just go with the film as a robbery gone badly. Now on DVD it may be more of a Redbox rental than something you want to own.

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A Walk in the Woods, a Journey Worth Taking

WALK WOODS poster 2


Just released, the movie A Walk in the Woods showcases the fine acting of Robert Redford and Nick Nolte. Providing a lot of laughs mixed with drama the “never-ending” journey of their characters make for good entertainment. The film reminds me of The Bucket List, with good measure of last year’s Wild and even a little of Grumpy Old Men. While the story’s a bit wacky, it’s very amusing to see the two consummate actors up on the big screen in a comedy together. Read more

Upcoming Videos for Fall

Check out the Fall video releases will big studios set to deliver some their hottest on Blu-ray and DVD.  Most of the films may also be out there on VOD. The genre’s range from crime to comedy and include some long awaited theatrical hits. We will be reviewing select titles so check back to get opinions from our writing staff.  You might also discover a gem that you didn’t know existed or a hilarious comedy to brighten your day. Whether you’re on the lookout for horror, action-adventure, drama, comedy, crime or lifestyles— the list below has a lot to offer. Read more

Boulevard, Facing a Dark Secret



One of Robin Williams’s last motion pictures has come to Blu-ray. It’s called Boulevard and takes on a dark secret that his character has from the past. Nicely filmed and directed the movie catches you off guard in the beginning then slowly tells its unusual tale. If you are a film buff it’s a must see, for others it’s an acquired taste in subject matter. The film is now available on Blu-ray and DVD for home viewing. Read more

Get the Man Cave Ready for 7 Minutes

7 MINUTES boxart


A comedy of errors but with a serious tone the film 7 Minutes comes to Blu-ray and DVD with a story that may seem a bit familiar, yet fun to watch. The low budget movie has a recognizable cast good uses of their fine talent within the loosely scripted storyline. If you like movies that get to the point, are action based and are not complicated, then invite your best buds over for a brewski or two and whoop it up with 7 Minutes. Read more