South Park: Complete 15th Season on Blu-ray

The boys are back at it again in Blu-ray with the release of South Park: The Complete Fifteenth Season and it’s UNRATED.  Of course, if you are a fan, you probably already new that.  The hilarious fourteen episodes are devoid of ads and any other interference so you don’t have a lag in the madness we aficionados have enjoyed for the last 15 years.  Sure it’s tasteless! Sure it’s suggestive! And Yah, it’s addictive!  Um, did I leave anything out? Read more

The Muppets, a Kid Friendly Fun Film on Blu-ray

It’s been long time since I’ve seen a Muppet Movie and I really feel good seeing the gang again.  No, I’m not a youngster anymore, but if you like this wacky kind of stuff there’s no better time than now to feel young again.  Now available in a Wocka-Wocka Value Pack, The Muppets look great on my home entertainment center.  And as for bonus features, not many other Blu-ray discs have more. Read more

Carnage, a Bizarre Comedy on Blu-ray

Bizarre and yet a tasty morsel, Carnage is one of those ‘fly on the wall’ films where in this case you get to watch the decay of one’s social skills and can laugh without them hearing you. It’s four stellar actors in a room with a very wacky script and a tall order of ego, all moving in opposite directions over a simple solution. Now on Blu-ray, the film shows as good as on the big screen.   Read more

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, A Thriller on DVD

The mystery and suspense in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo gets menacing giving audiences an astounding thriller. Now out on DVD, the film makes its debut on home Television. I liked this version over the foreign release of the movie in 2010 because it’s in English, has Daniel Craig and the story moves along as it should, unencumbered by faulty direction.  Nominated for five Academy Awards, for those who like a good detective drama with a lot of action, I recommend The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.   Read more

Wallace & Gromit’s World of Invention, Kid Friendly on Blu-ray

Here’s a very good educational and comedy mix animated/live action Blu-ray for children and families. Titled Wallace & Gromit’s World Of Invention, the TV series has a lot going for it. It’s loaded with weird inventions including some with the help of nature.  Included on the disc are all six of the BBC Network Episodes and some very nice fun special features. Read more

The Three Musketeers, High Flying on Blu-ray and DVD

Well, how many times are they going to make The Three Musketeers before they decide to retire the script?  Evidentially as many as it takes to provide a fresh fun adventure with a lot of action! Now on Blu-ray/DVD the Alexander Dumas novel written for the screen, especially this one that comes across as a spoof, can prove to be entertaining all over again.  Read more