Planet Egypt, A Fascinating Historical Account

Making its way into home video, Planet Egypt gives a stunning view of an ancient civilization on DVD.  Divided into segments and on two discs, you can take you time exploring all facets of a nation that survived more than 30 centuries. I highly recommend the DVD for students of all ages, historians, archeologists, and those with an inquisitive mind. Read more

We Bought A Zoo, a Family Friendly Winner now on DVD

The uplifting drama We Bought A Zoo has been released on DVD and it’s for the whole family.  A true story perfect for the holiday season with an inspiring account that shows what one family can do to help a community while healing themselves.  I am a fan of this kind of film as it reminds us of the principles on which America is built, with dreams, hard work and service to humanity. Read more

War Horse, Charges onto Blu-ray

One of the nominated Oscar films from 2011 War Horse comes to Blu-ray 4- Disc Combo Pack and it’s an instant collector’s piece. I rank the film one of Steven Spielberg’s finest epic adventures alongside Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s List.  Now ramped up with the finest audio and video possible for home theaters it’s enjoyment doubles in value.   Read more

Titanic:The Complete Story a True Test of Time

It’s been 100 years since the Titanic, the world’s largest ship at that time, sunk on her maiden voyage.  A lot of information about the catastrophic event has been historically recorded. Now available is a telling of the disaster by survivors, photos, film and audio on DVD called Titanic: The Complete Story.  The 2 Discs have 5 hours of documentation about the Titanic providing answers for the curious, insight and historical value. Read more

South Park: Complete 15th Season on Blu-ray

The boys are back at it again in Blu-ray with the release of South Park: The Complete Fifteenth Season and it’s UNRATED.  Of course, if you are a fan, you probably already new that.  The hilarious fourteen episodes are devoid of ads and any other interference so you don’t have a lag in the madness we aficionados have enjoyed for the last 15 years.  Sure it’s tasteless! Sure it’s suggestive! And Yah, it’s addictive!  Um, did I leave anything out? Read more

The Muppets, a Kid Friendly Fun Film on Blu-ray

It’s been long time since I’ve seen a Muppet Movie and I really feel good seeing the gang again.  No, I’m not a youngster anymore, but if you like this wacky kind of stuff there’s no better time than now to feel young again.  Now available in a Wocka-Wocka Value Pack, The Muppets look great on my home entertainment center.  And as for bonus features, not many other Blu-ray discs have more. Read more

Carnage, a Bizarre Comedy on Blu-ray

Bizarre and yet a tasty morsel, Carnage is one of those ‘fly on the wall’ films where in this case you get to watch the decay of one’s social skills and can laugh without them hearing you. It’s four stellar actors in a room with a very wacky script and a tall order of ego, all moving in opposite directions over a simple solution. Now on Blu-ray, the film shows as good as on the big screen.   Read more