House of Pleasures, a Film for Adults

Erotic, revealing, poignant and disturbing, but a little melodramatic, House of Pleasures delves into one of life’s oldest professions.  The film features excellent acting and fine direction on a stage of a turn of the century Paris bordello working its mesmerizing story into some interesting entertainment.  Some may feel it’s gratuitous and dull while others find a sad story with a wide range of unfortunate circumstance. Read more

Neverland, Facinating Prequel

Here’s a gem of a fantasy adventure film that I’m very glad surfaced on Blu-ray as it escaped me when it was released on television last year.  It’s called Neverland and tells the story of the life of Peter (Pan) up to when (Captain) Hook looses his hand and watch to the nasty old alligator.  This live action thrill ride turns a kids book into a fascinating piece of entertainment that’s great for all, especially if you always wondered where Peter came from and why he was able to take Wendy on a great adventure.

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Melancholia, Artistic and Absorbing

Now on Blu-ray/DVD the film Melancholia by writer and director Lars von Trier stimulates the artistic part of the brain with sprawling landscape images, ominous tableaus and threatening visuals of a drifting planet. The film moves along playing out like the definition of its title. Melancholia: a mental condition and especially a manic-depressive condition characterized by extreme depression, bodily complaints, and often hallucinations and delusions.

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The Killing, a Suspense Thriller on Blu-ray

Stirring, graphic, intriguing The Killing Season 1 originally aired on AMC is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.  This powerful thriller had me captivated from the first chapter to its cunning ending.  If you want to know what it’s all about with the new season starting this spring, then pick it up at your nearest retailer.

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The Lion King 1 1/2 and The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride Now on Blu-ray

Two of The Lion King trilogy, The Lion King 1 ½ and The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride are now on Blu-ray.  The two animated films include some good special bonus features and with the Blu-ray format the picture on my home entertainment center screen is sharper and the colors more vibrant.

The story of The Lion King 1 ½ mainly involves Pumbaa and Timon, the wild and crazy warthog and Meercat that were the first to come upon Simba when he got lost in The Lion King.  In this animated motion picture we find the two fun loving characters romping through the jungle way before The Lion King starts.  We find out where the two came from, how they met and how they helped save the savanna on the Serengeti.  It’s a hilarious tale and one the kids will easly understand. Read more

Todd & the Book of Pure Evil, Rocks the House

You don’t have to be a teen/twenties to enjoy Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil a wild blood festival, but that’s the mighty demographic that will eat this awesome series up.  Pushing all the modern social lifestyle buttons that amps up today’s High School crowd the 13 episode series has finally arrived on DVD.  Adults who like horror/comedy and don’t get grossed out too easily should have a good time with it; I know I did.

Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil focuses on four teens, Todd Smith (Alex House), Jenny Kolinsky (Maggie Castle), Curtis Weaver (Bill Turnbull) and Hanna B. Williams (Melanie Leishman) all attending Crowley High School.  Since Todd finds the book of pure evil he becomes a leader of sorts trying to control the awesome powers that the book grants the holder.  Unleashing some of the many students’ darkest wishes, the book brings out the worse of their desires. When the book starts jumping out of control, Todd and his friends find themselves locked in one evil adventure after another.  Read more

Tower Heist, a Zany Comedy on Blu-ray/DVD

The zany and fun Tower Heist has entered the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, Blu-ray, DVD market and its well worth the wait.  After seeing the film on the theater big screen I hoped I would get a chance to check it out with me in control.  I am happy to say, Tower Heist looses none of its comedic charm, energy and production value.  Plus, the ample bonus features are an amenity with interesting and amusing added entertainment.

Tower Heist centers on Josh Kovacs (Ben Stiller) manager of a posh New York City residence building that house the affluent and one of the wealthiest men in the city, stock wizard Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda).  Josh keeps the building running smoothly with the help of a great staff of long-term employees who are devoted to their jobs. One day Shaw gets arrested for absconding with two billion in his investor’s money and the FBI steps in sealing his assets.  With the building’s employee’s retirement fund involved Josh must come up with a plan to reconcile the matter even if it includes robbery. Read more

The Son of No One, A Thriller on DVD

Now out on DVD/Blu-ray a gut wrenching film called The Son of No One starring Channing Tatum, Al Pacino and up and coming star Jake Cherry.  The movie takes on a different look than when it was released in the movie theatre and that’s for the better.  Being on DVD has it’s advantages in that I was able to switch on the subtitles during the more aggressive parts to catch all the dialog and rewinding helps to keep the many characters in order.

The film opens in a depressed tenement section of Queens New York with a startling film shot of a crazed man going up the stairs of the rundown housing project looking for his gun.  Climbing several flights he busts into an apartment ranting. When he enters the bathroom of the apartment he sees young Jonathan White (Jake Cherry) hiding in a bathtub and confronts him.  The scared Jonathan shoots the man and he dies.  His friend Vinnie (Brian Gilbert) who witnesses the tragedy helps Jonathan get rid of the body. Read more

The Rebound, A Good Blu-Ray for V-Day

It’s not every film that you find one of the most beautiful women in the world performing for you on Blu-ray.  Catherine Zeta-Jones in my estimation is by far the epitome of grace, charm, emotion and elegance and in The Rebound you’ll see why.  Now available in time for Valentines Day at stores and for rent, the crafty little romance flick makes use of the amazing actress to corner your heart, capture your inner romantic and satisfy the longing of immeasurable entertainment.

Sandy (Zeta-Jones) has turned 40 and with two kids finds herself moving from the burbs to New York City following the discovery of her husband’s affair with a neighbor. She finds a small apartment above a coffee shop and a nearby school for her children, but still needs a job to become completely free.  At the coffee shop, 24-year-old Aram (Justin Bartha) finds it hard to get over his recent divorce to a French honey that took him for a ride to get a Green Card. When Sandy finds a job at a local Television station, she enlists Aram to be a nanny for her children. So starts a relationship that gathers no moss. Read more