The Rebound, A Good Blu-Ray for V-Day

It’s not every film that you find one of the most beautiful women in the world performing for you on Blu-ray.  Catherine Zeta-Jones in my estimation is by far the epitome of grace, charm, emotion and elegance and in The Rebound you’ll see why.  Now available in time for Valentines Day at stores and for rent, the crafty little romance flick makes use of the amazing actress to corner your heart, capture your inner romantic and satisfy the longing of immeasurable entertainment.

Sandy (Zeta-Jones) has turned 40 and with two kids finds herself moving from the burbs to New York City following the discovery of her husband’s affair with a neighbor. She finds a small apartment above a coffee shop and a nearby school for her children, but still needs a job to become completely free.  At the coffee shop, 24-year-old Aram (Justin Bartha) finds it hard to get over his recent divorce to a French honey that took him for a ride to get a Green Card. When Sandy finds a job at a local Television station, she enlists Aram to be a nanny for her children. So starts a relationship that gathers no moss. Read more