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  • “Paddington 2” The Adventures Continue Along with the Fun

    “Paddington 2” The Adventures Continue Along with the Fun0

    The fun and lovable bear is back on screen and ready to have more interesting adventures that will thrill your heart. His unusual way of understanding how the world works along with is strong need to always use his manners makes this character wonderful to all who he meets.

  • “The Commuter” Mayhem on a Train

    “The Commuter” Mayhem on a Train0

    The year kicks off with its first major action thriller The Commuter and it’s a barn burner. Total action after an introduction to the plot, the film takes you on the ride of your life with surprises on every turn. If you like gripping films that work on your mind to try and figure out

  • New Trailer for Red Sparrow, Starring Jennifer Lawrence

    New Trailer for Red Sparrow, Starring Jennifer Lawrence0

    Red Sparrow, will hit theaters March 2, 2018. The movie centers around a prima ballerina that pushes herself a little too hard and suffers an injury that costs her her career. The broken ballerina, Dominika Egorova (Jennifer Lawrence), has a mother who is facing serious medical complications. Unfortunately, she does not have the money to pay

  • “Molly’s Game” a Smart Bio of a Crafty Lady

    “Molly’s Game” a Smart Bio of a Crafty Lady0

    When you hear the genre biography most people think just another stuffy, lackluster film. Well, hold onto your seat because Molly’s Game gets compelling, openly poignant and powerful. The story has the usual buildup and Hollywood accoutrements, but the content is mostly true being based on the book by our subject Molly Bloom.

  • “Stratton” a Thrilling Terrorism Plot

    “Stratton” a Thrilling Terrorism Plot0

    Spy movies are a dime a dozen, but then one comes along that really takes you on an unexpected adventure. That’s the beauty of Stratton, an action packed film filled with excitement that’s fresh and different. It’s not James Bond or an episode of TV’s “24”, but a fun film that entertains with a bit

  • “I, Tonya” a Story of Love and Hate

    “I, Tonya” a Story of Love and Hate0

    Most everyone who has lived 1980’s through today has either heard of the figure skater Tonya Harding or maybe followed the antics she took to the Olympics in 1994. Or just google Tonya Harding and you’ll get the drift of what happened. But, how many of you know the “truth” according to her book “I,