Follow Me, a Special Documentary

Taking a trip in the mind of someone takes special directing ability to add a sense of devotion to the subject.  With Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Story directors Jonathan Gruber and Ari Daniel Pinchot show home video combined with TV news footage while commentators provide background giving their audience a chance to walk in this great Jewish soldier’s combat boots.   Read more

The Dictator, a Zany Comedy


Silly, brainless, raunchy, ridiculous, bizarre, outrageous, inane yet somehow funny, The Dictator, a screwball story that entertains has opened in movie houses across America.  If you have seen Sacha Baron Cohen’s films Bruno, Ali G and Borat and like his tongue in cheek comedy that embarrasses, humiliates, disgraces and ridicules, then this newest outing should charm you all over again. Read more

Dark Shadows, Delightfully Depp

Taunting the audience with trailers that promise a quirky horror flick with a lot of cool ghouls, wacky witchery and comedic moments the movie Dark Shadows delivers.  Using Johnny Depp to his utmost bizarre performance capabilities the film gives it’s all for fans of his past legendary roles like Edward Scissorhands, Sweeny Todd, Willy Wonka, Mad Hatter, and Jack Sparrow.  This time however, he’s really gone off the deep end with a deliciously delectable portrayal of Barnabas Collins, a childish vampire. Read more

The Cup, a Grueling Sports Film

Entering the film market the week after the running of the Kentucky Derby, The Cup, a true horse racing story, makes it’s bid for the sports fan base.  A true account of one of a first ever winners by a non-Australian horse in a race dominated by the continent’s best runners, this film works not only for racing enthusiasts but thrill seekers as well. Read more

The Perfect Family, Charming Look at Awkward Moments

Charming and sometimes quirky The Perfect Family invests its fine acting force in a story that most moviegoers and TV viewers should already recognize.  More of a Saturday afternoon TV matinée for the ladies, the film just didn’t do it for me.  Although I did like Kathleen Turner’s performance it’s not enough to carry the film. Read more

The Avengers, a ‘Marvel’ous Sci-fantiastic Blast in 3D IMAX

The power that Marvel’s The Avengers has amassed from major hits by each of the sci-fi action heroes pushing the release of this film has reached near fever pitch, and it’s about time the super hero team came out to play. Wild, rowdy and fantastic this fabulous five kicks butt with an imaginative two hours plus that has me wanting more.  If you are into adventure/action and fantasy then don your cape, grab your hammer, slide you arm into your shield and wear Hulk green in support of Marvel’s The Avengers. Read more

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks About Looper

Shot in New Orleans and China, Looper is a time-travel action film starring Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt and Joseph Gordon-Levitt that will debut this September. The story depicts a time when crime syndicates can send their enemies back in time to be “taken out” by killers known as ‘loopers.’ This leaves no evidence of the killings in the crime syndicate’s present time. The story raises a moral time-travel paradox when hitman Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) working for the mob of the future recognizes one of his assigned targets (Bruce Willis) as his future self. Does he take him out? Will he cease to exist if he does?

At a recent Wondercon press conference, Levitt who has successfully broken free of his “Third Rock” image (he landed four film roles just this year), talked about his hitman role in Looper.

Asked what it was like to transform himself into a Bruce Willis character, Levitt replied, “It was about studying him and getting to know him. We’d hang out a lot. Yet there were a few really tricky moments. My parents came to the set. And when I was standing next to my mom, she kind of freaked out because I was a lot like myself but I looked totally different. Then a good friend of mine, Jerod, came to the set and said, ‘I can’t talk to you. I don’t like this guy.’ And that thrilled me because it meant that I had transformed enough to convince even my close friend that I was someone else.” Read more

Five-Year Engagement, A Good Romantic Comedy

Much like most of Jason Segel’s films the comedy runs high in The Five-Year Engagement with strong performances, good direction and a decent script.  It’s another romance film, but this one does have an edge that keeps this ditty reasonably fresh. Take a date or a gang the laughter gets contagious so sit back and enjoy a break from social networking. Read more

The Three Stooges, a Hysterical Comedy

Woo Woo Woo, Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck and all the sight gags you can handle are back and more impious than ever in The Three Stooges. The very cool film had me in stitches with inane comedy that hits the top of my laughter barometer.  Although mainly a guy film, most all who can remember the knuckleheaded trio will love the insane comical antics that never seem to get old. Read more

LOCKOUT, a Sci-Fi Thriller

With a mixture of tongue in cheek comedy and sci-fi action Lockout does an average job of entertaining male teens through adults.  The fast paced film reminds me however, of Escape From New York another futuristic film that features some very mean characters and a lot of brutality. Lockout features some very mean looking characters so it’s hard to recommend it to the ladies. Read more

The Raid: Redemption, a Kick-butt Film

A kick to the head, a fist to the body, guns blazing, explosions rocking the hallways, knives slashing, bodies everywhere and that’s only the first 15 minutes of film The Raid: Redemption.  With amazing choreography, realistic combat and creative cinematography the movie makes a big hit.  Don’t look for an original story, but that’s not the attraction here. Read more

BULLY, a Subject of Concern

I am disappointed with the film Bully, not for the content but the lack of it.  Centering on just a few examples, the documentary restricts opinions to those filmed and not the millions who have been affected by the awful demeaning acts of aggression.  It’s a critical subject that feeds on the young making their futures bleak and uncertain.  The absence of a ‘cure’ and only limited suggestions on how children can release themselves from the evils of bulling make this film weak, restrictive and quite powerless.  The only benefit that comes from this film is awareness, but I guess it’s a start. Read more