American Reunion, a Change-up of a Favorite

Comedy runs rampant  in the sequel American Reunion, with the whole cast returning from American Pie.  Although the film does provide a lot of laughs, it may be somewhat hackneyed with each of the characters getting into similar troubles like they did in the original film.  But, if it’s just a mindless feature you want to clear out the emotions from a dull and uneventful day, then this film will do the trick. Um, actually American Reunion also turned out to be good humor medicine for me. Read more

In Darkness, an Oscar-Nominated Film Now in Theaters

One of the most compelling true stories has opened in theaters.  The World War II film is called In Darkness and tells the incredible real account of the attempted slaughter of Jews in a Polish city.  Intolerable, painful and realistic the tragic attempted extermination shows the heroism of some Polish citizens who sacrificed their own well being for the sake of others. Read more

Emma Stone Talks About the Amazing Spider-Man

The web-shooting crusader returns to theaters this July as Andrew Garfield takes on Peter Parker’s role as Spider-Man. Peter is the outcast teen once again fighting for good–and the girl—this time heatthrob Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone).

Now living with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May, Peter must unravel the mystery of his own past and win over his high school crush, Gwen. When Peter discovers a mysterious briefcase belonging to his father, he uncovers a secret that will ultimately shape his role as “Spider-Man” and bring him face to face with the alter ego of his father’s former partner–the Lizard. Read more

Milla Jovovich Talks About Resident Evil: Retribution

Yes, boys and girls, the undead will return this September with our indefatigable heroeine once again fighting the evil Umbrella corporation in Resident Evil: Retribution.

In this 5th installment of the Resident Evil franchise—in full 3D no less—Alice (Milla Jovovich) teams up with a resistance movement in the ongoing battle against Umbrella and the undead. Once again captured by Umbrella, Alice awakens in their facility to explore the complex, reveal more of her past, and ultimately find those responsible for the outbreak. This time, she joins forces with resistance teams from major cities around the world and discovers a stunning truth, one that forces her to do some soul searching about who she really is and role of the Umbrella Corporation.

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The Matchmaker, Charming and Sincere

A sincere coming of age film with a lot of a unusual romance comes to the screen, it’s called The Matchmaker and features fine acting and direction.  The movie gives a heartwarming look into lives that were aching from the past atrocities of war that muddled their futures.  If you like films that delve into a slice of life that’s continuously a hardship, it’s time you met The Matchmaker. Read more

Seeking Justice, an Action Thriller

High energy, good acting and a diabolical plot turn Seeking Justice into a winner.  Watching this film I found myself gasping for breath at times due to the impact that comes off the screen.  It’s a ‘what if?’ kind of movie that creates panic as much as it amazes. If you like an adult thriller that never lets up, then your choice is easy, Seeking Justice. Read more

Delicacy, a Sweet Romance (Film Review)

A sweet film with Audrey Tautou opens this weekend, and it’s one that women everywhere should enjoy.  It’s called Delicacy, and features an age-old story, but told in an interesting new way.  The touching little romance film sets up date night, and an opportunity for the guys to latch on the gal they have been wanting to sway and just go for it. Read more

John Carter, a Thrilling Sci-Fi Adventure

Technically John Carter shines as one of the better films I’ve seen in a couple of years.  The CGI, make-up, puppetry, mixed with fine live action characterization alone is worth the watch. Melding all this technology with the amazing fantasy story by Edgar Rice Burroughs and you have an excellent movie going experience. Much like the film Avatar you don’t have to be a science fiction enthusiast to enjoy the adventure and fantasy.

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PROJECT X, Wild and Crazy

No doubt about it Project X will go viral to the teen/twenties and drive up the box office into the $40 million plus range. Crammed with sight gags, crude language, dangerous stunts, bare breasts, sexual romps, drunken fights, drugged-out stupors, a badass little person that delivers some bruising groin shots and more, this film doesn’t hold back a thing.  Project X even comes with a warning to parents and police.  The only reason I’m also recommending this to adults, self-defense.

The plot of Project X could have been written by most any teen wanting to make a splash by throwing the most radical party ever with a payoff of instant popularity; you know, a ‘game changer’.  Thomas was born on his parent’s anniversary, but instead of celebrating his birthday with him they have decided to take a romantic weekend trip.  Their gift to Thomas is the run of the house and permission to have some friends over to help him observe his 17th birthday. Read more