Skyfall, James Bond at its Best (Film Review)

One of the best James Bond pictures ever made, Skyfall makes its way into theaters this weekend for what I believe will be a box-office blowout.  The action packed thriller starts with a bang and doesn’t disappoint in the finale.  For all you 007 addicts it’s time to check it out on the 50th anniversary of a solid film franchise.

Bond (Daniel Craig) finds himself vanquished when a bullet meant for his foe takes him out atop a train.  His mission was to retrieve a list of secret British agents before they got into the wrong hands.  With a mission failed, M (Judi Dench) finds herself under the heat of the British Government when six of the spies on the list get targeted for death.  When M gets a formal threat on her life and they find Sylva (Javier Bardem) an ex-spy is involved, Bond shows up to track him down. Read more

Wreck-It Ralph, an Animated Nostalgic Blast

Whether you’ve ever heard of the video game “Fix-It Felix” or played it when you were young, Wreck It Ralph provides a fun time in this adventure for the whole family. Filled with action and comedy the animated film grabs you from the start and involves you in a tale of wonderment and hope.  From sassy to sinister, clumsy to crusher the characters are likable and engaging.

Ralph (John C. Reilly) has been toiling in the game “Fix-It Felix” for years never getting the recognition he deserves for his part in entertaining youngsters.  Each day as the machines get turned off and the owner of the video arcade leaves, the tenants of their tall apartment house in the video game go to the roof. Here they make a presentation to Felix (Jack McBrayer) the repairman while Ralph gets tossed off onto the ground. On this one occasion however, a private party is being held to celebrate 30 years of the game while uninvited Ralph wanders off to the pile of bricks he made from tearing down the building. Read more

The Other Son, Switched at Birth

Probably the most terrifying thing that can happen to a woman is that her child was inadvertently switched at birth.  But, what if those two children were brought up as enemies before the unbelievable was discovered.  This happens to be the premise of the foreign film The Other Son that’s now playing in selected theaters around the country. Read more

Cloud Atlas, a Complex Fantasy

Tedious comes to mind after watching this tale of fantasy that spans six time periods within five centuries played out in nearly 3 hours.  Cloud Atlas, although an admirable piece of movie making tends to be so complex that viewers I’m afraid, will just not get it.  It’s a brain teaser of sorts, one that challenges an audience to connect the dots between repetitive periods of time for a final resolve.

Breathtaking cinematography, fine acting and amazing make-up are the benefits from the movie, but the storyline gets so complicated it becomes ‘work’ instead of entertainment.  Most audiences want to see stories play out to an understandable realistic manor. Here, with six stories going at one time, the chore of working out the meaning of it all in one’s mind takes away from its intended entertainment value.   Read more

Seven Psychopaths, a Violent Comedy

When you have a violent comedy your cast must have the ability to carry out the dialogue with dead pan and tongue-in-cheek precision, with Seven Psychopaths there’s no doubt.  Much like the humor in Inglourious Basterds, In Bruges and most of the Grindhouse films, the script and actors fit the bill.  If you can deal with the bloody scenes and violence in this very funny tale of robbery and mayhem then this film’s made for you. Read more

Argo, a Suspensful Rescue Drama

Based on a true story the suspense filled film Argo involving the rescue of six Americans opens in theaters this weekend.  Set in the background of unrest in Iran during the President Jimmy Carter era, the covert operation was kept secret until the late 1990’s.  The drama based on a book of the same title features a solid script, some fine acting and inspiring directing by Ben Affleck. It’s a reminder of what could happen again if we fail to protect our interests abroad. Read more

The Oranges, a Midlife Love Affair

Working on the premise that a beautiful young woman could fall for a much older man The Oranges offers their story to a purely romantic audience.  Billing the film as a scandal of sex and betrayal, in this day and age where nothing’s impossible this movie fails to surprise.  Even though the acting here does bring some semblance of entertainment, it’s not enough to warrant more than below average fare. Read more

Perks of Being a Wallflower, Creatively Crafted Teen Flick

Films about teens are scarce in 2012 so other than Hunger Games that came out in March the pickings have been thin for that genre.  With the teen movie Perks of Being a Wallflower opening in a very slow month mostly devoted to horror flicks, hopefully it won’t be overlooked as its pretty darn good.   Able to touch a finger to the pulse of what makes teens tick, this film has all the trappings of a possible adolescent box-office coup. Read more

Trouble with the Curve, a Sports Film with Heart

An enjoyable life drama Trouble with the Curve opens in theaters nationwide with a stellar cast playing likeable characters in this modern day sports story.  Drawing on an age old message concerning separated family members the film should hit a home run with those who have been dealing with the problem and need a nudge toward reconciliation. Read more

End of Watch, a Startling Film about Cops Under Fire

Crime dramas seem to be taking over the action entertainment scene as witnessed on both the big screen and television.  End of Watch however, happens to be one of the better ones.  Realistically presented, the movie gets into the nitty-gritty bowels of one of the most notorious crime areas in America, South Central Los Angeles. The film takes a different tack on most crime movies by showing the human side of our men in blue. Read more