Lawless, a White Lightning Crime Film

Totally out of control, the Bondurant brothers were a part of history that could only have been called Lawless.  The movie that opens today builds on the almost true story of bootleggers in Virginia from a recollection by Matt Bondurant, the grandson of one of the three main characters.  Lawless ‘shines’ in all departments including acting, script, direction and production value.  For those who like gritty action filled films, this creative crime story should not be missed. Read more

Cosmopolis, an Enlightening Effort

Covering most all the ills in the world Cosmopolis gives its audience a slow moving picture of our decaying civilization.  Although the film is nicely acted and directed, there’s too much crammed into the nearly two-hour movie to really appreciate the meaning of it all.  The warning here insinuates the self-destruction of our great society. Read more

Odd Life of Timothy Green, Touching Family Fantasy

An enchanting story of inspiration and hope, The Odd Life of Timothy Green opens in movie theaters.  The nice little film has an uplifting story for the whole family even though it over fanaticizes at times.  Translation from script to screen seems to have been a chore however and the pieces of the puzzle look like they have been jammed together rather than a perfect fit. Read more

Cinemark Movie Theatres Presents Fall Classic Film Series



Fully Restored, Hollywood Classics Return to the Big Screen at Select Cinemark Theatres

During the Months of August and September

Plano, TX, August, 2012 Cinemark Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CNK), the world’s highest attended motion picture exhibitor, is pleased to announce that the “Fall Classics Series,” featuring six legendary Hollywood movies, will  take place in over 150 Cinemark theatres across the country.  All of these digitally restored movies will be scheduled to play each Thursday, during the months of August and September, at two separate show times, 2 pm and 7pm. Read more

The Bourne Legacy, a Slow Sequel

Director Tony Gilroy takes his time spooling out The Bourne Legacy just avoiding the snooze factor in this forth installment of the Bourne series.  The film is steeped in a lot of superfluous character build up, long periods of uneventful scenes and an outcome that doesn’t deliver.  If you are looking for an action thriller from this fourth Bourne you’ll have to sit back and be patient.  Read more

The Campaign, a Wild and Wacky Film

The movie The Campaign opens today and it’s one of the wildest, wacky, madcap, clever, and ingenious comedies of the year, and that’s only the first 30 minutes.  After that the film takes on words like hilarious, incredible and unbelievable.  Just in time for a major election it couldn’t have a better release date.  If you like the off-the-wall comedy in movies like Bridesmaids, Ted and Black Sheep for example, then cast your vote for The Campaign. Read more

Farewell, My Queen, a Historical Tale of Woe

Opulent, majestic, creative and revealing Farewell, My Queen delivers a nicely directed piece of historic French lore. The movie features outstanding performances by Lea Seydoux and Diane Kruger and brilliantly captures the fervor and wickedness surrounding the days before the French Revolution in 1789.  Filming, sets and costumes are exceptional creating an atmosphere that charms yet appalls. Read more

The Watch, A Wacky Comedy

The wacky film The Watch tries hard to entertain, but sinks below average even with its fine cast of witty pros. The film struggles, trying to make the scanty script work by upping the crude and rude level with a lot of off color sight gags, a good measure of dumbness and strong sexual innuendos. The only reason for making the trek to your local theater to see The Watch; only if you just can’t get enough of Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill. Read more

The Dark Knight Rises, and Blows You Away

This may be the film that kicks off The Avengers from the all time box-office winner for 2012.  The movie is called The Dark Knight Rises, but loyal fans will refer to the film as Batman and they know that this dark knight has all the power to rise above any comic book hero the industry can throw at him. For me, I’m just one of the crew, a follower hooked since Batman BeginsRead more

Willie Garson Eats Cake In PERIODS. Films’ Latest Short ‘FOPS’

Making noise in the land of well produced internet shorts is the acclaimed comedy film series PERIODS., a collection of improv comedy bits primarily based on different eras in human history created and directed by Victor Quinaz.  With a special (and hilarious) guest appearance by White Collar’s Willie Garson, their latest short, awesomely entitled FOPS, represents the best three and a half minutes this gang of hooligans has come up with yet – just in time for Bastille Day this weekend. Keep reading if you like delicious cakes …

Read more

Savages, Welcome to Drug Wars

If you are looking for gut wrenching excitement in a movie with a brilliant cast and a creative storyline then choose Savages, this year’s most powerful action filled drama to date.  Intense and intriguing, the film has scenes so extreme that I felt myself gripping the theatre arm rests. If you think the drug wars were crazy in No Country for Old Men, Traffic or even cable’s “Breaking Bad“, they are scuffles compared to this film. Read more