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  • “Fast Convoy” A High Octane Experience

    “Fast Convoy” A High Octane Experience0

    Get ready for action and hold of your chair Fast Convoy has been released on video on demand. The very exciting chase and run movie has all the earmarks of a Fast and Furious, but not all the back story. It go from the start to the very thrilling finale.

  • “Lady Bird” Steals Your Heart

    “Lady Bird” Steals Your Heart1

    Review by GINO SASSANI Actress Greta Gerwig finds herself in the director’s seat for her first feature film, Lady Bird. No, it’s not a film about the First Lady during the Johnson administration, but an easy mistake to make. It’s not one of the most common monikers out there, and when I first heard of

  • “COCO” Adventure, Laughter and Music

    “COCO” Adventure, Laughter and Music0

    There have been some good animated movies in 2017, but the stand outs are few. One of the best is the new release of Disney/PIXAR’s adventure comedy Coco. Filled with laughter, excitement, music and life lessons, the animated feature should become a family favorite.

  • “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri ” a Brilliant Satire

    “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri ” a Brilliant Satire0

    A great assembling of actors, excellent control by director Martin McDonagh and a vicious script make Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri a winner. The crime drama, laced with cynical comedy puts the film up there with the movie Fargo and even TV’s “Fargo”. While I may like the film, it does have some racist tones

  • “Justice League” Plays to it’s Fan Base

    “Justice League” Plays to it’s Fan Base0

    Review by Gino Sassani “We have to be ready. You, me, the others… there’s an attack coming from far away.” Justice League The DC and Marvel rivalry can be quite fierce at times. I never completely understood the polarized fan base, however. Some of us are just fans of the genre and will welcome a

  • “Wonder” Fall in Love with Auggie

    “Wonder” Fall in Love with Auggie0

    Touching and inspirational, the movie Wonder opens the eyes of its audience to the medical anomaly of Treacher Collins syndrome. It’s a gene glitch that causes a facial difference that happens in one of 50,000 people*. Based on a book by R. J. Palacio, the film handles the material in the novel in such a