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  • “Ash vs Evil Dead” a Bloody Good Horror Feast

    “Ash vs Evil Dead” a Bloody Good Horror Feast0

    Weird, corny, silly, ridiculous, disgusting and nearly vomit inducing, all the things you will like about Ash vs Evil Dead 2.  It’s the kind of horror and bloody mayhem that when presented with tongue-in-cheek comedy can be very amusing. It’s for those who have become fans of the Starz TV Network program or just need

  • “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” Getting to the Court on Time

    “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” Getting to the Court on Time0

    Totally hilarious The Hitman’s Bodyguard turns into a wild ride early on in this action comedy “odd couple” movie. The script may give you a bit of déjà vu, but it’s well worth the laughs and thrills. Certainly a nice cap to a “dinner and a movie”, as Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson are

  • “Logan Lucky” a Race for the Money

    “Logan Lucky” a Race for the Money0

    Robbing a bank is hard enough, but what Logan Lucky features is a whole new ballgame on robbery. The film goes for high stakes at a motor speedway and even though it’s fiction, it’s a lot of fun fantasizing on the plan and the getaway. The treat here is not Channing Tatum as a redneck

  • “Shot Caller” a Gutsy Crime Flick

    “Shot Caller” a Gutsy Crime Flick0

    Hard-hitting and brutal, the movie Shot Caller shows how far a man will go to make it in prison and come out alive. Filmed with a passionate desire to show the danger, violence, torture and ruthlessness, Director Ric Roman Waugh hits the film on all four cylinders. If you like a gut-wrenching movie with realistic

  • “Once Upon a Time in Venice” A Man and His Dog

    “Once Upon a Time in Venice” A Man and His Dog0

    Living in Venice can be fun, with beaches, board walks, piers, scenic store fronts and many other interesting places to go. But Venice has its dark side, crime, drugs, and yes stolen dogs. This investigative story leads to one message, don’t mess with a man’s dog.

  • “Union Furnace” Turns On the Heat

    “Union Furnace” Turns On the Heat0

    This little indie has a very sadistic plot that although somewhat predictable plays out fairly well.  But, the production quality suffers from the lack of funds and the unskillful acting ability involving support characters reduces the entertainment value. That said Union Furnace is a good platform for novice writer/director Nicholas Bushman and his cast. The