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  • No Escape, a Relentless Test of Survival

    No Escape, a Relentless Test of Survival0

      Relentlessly brutal the movie No Escape takes the audience into a different kind of survival. Just as violent and all-consuming as the tsunami film The Impossible, the only difference comes with humans killing humans instead of nature. The momentum builds so quickly that you’ll find yourself glued to the electrifying run for your life story on the screen. Your hands

  • Big Game a Teen Adventure

    Big Game a Teen Adventure0

      Aimed at male teens the action film Big Game sets up a fun adventure that involves saving the President of the United States. To that audience, it pretty darn good showing how even the youngest of teens can achieve if they try. Even though the story gets a little farfetched, the sincerity and strong

  • The Runner a Political Drama

    The Runner a Political Drama0

        Using the backdrop of the BP oil spill for this political drama, the film The Runner works more as an open forum about legislator inappropriateness than a sincere interest in the devastation the spill caused. Although well-acted, the film drags in parts, gets a little repetitive and easily predictable. Now on Blu-ray it’s a

  • American Ultra a Cool Action Comedy

    American Ultra a Cool Action Comedy0

      And now for something different. You may have seen a lot of action comedies, but I venture to say there’s nothing more wild and crazy than American Ultra. Filled with sight gags, surprises, laughs a plenty and a whole lot of thrills, this stoner film equals classics like Up in Smoke, 30 Minutes or

  • Marshland, Murders in the Swamp

    Marshland, Murders in the Swamp0

      One of the better foreign films I’ve seen this year Marshland (La isla minima) paints a very morbid picture of a serial killing. Well-acted the film grips you from the very beginning never letting you go till the credits roll. Although it may give you a feeling of déjà vu from the myriad of

  • Strangerland, Captivating and Stunning

    Strangerland, Captivating and Stunning0

    \ Taking on a daring role and giving a very good performance, Nicole Kidman works her magic in Strangerland. Taking her back to her Australian roots, Kidman looks like she’s right at home in the vast openness of the unbridled territory. The captivating film has a fine cast and incredibly stunning cinematography that uplifts the