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  • Inside Out, An Emotional PIXAR Comedy

    Inside Out, An Emotional PIXAR Comedy0

      Just when you thought you knew what was going on in your child’s brain, up pops Inside Out a funny little film from Disney/PIXAR. The animation is PIXAR flawless, the direction pin point and the voice acting, well “pitch perfect”. The family film however is not without a downside as I feel it’s a

  • Time Lapse, a Cool Snap Shot to Danger

    Time Lapse, a Cool Snap Shot to Danger0

      In the film Time Lapse a different kind of Sci-fi time travel takes center stage delivering a cool ride into danger. On target and compelling the filmmakers do more on a modest budget than some large production companies. The movie has some fine acting, directing and cinematography, but the story deals have a very

  • Welcome to Me, Whimsically Bizarre

    Welcome to Me, Whimsically Bizarre0

    The humorously amusing, provocative and depressing film Welcome to Me comes to home video featuring a daring performance by Kristen Wiig. With an offbeat script, incisive direction by Shira Piven and a support cast that comes through, the movie brazenly entertains. While the story may not appeal to all audiences, those that like an unusual comedy

  • Jurassic World, a Playground Turned Vicious

    Jurassic World, a Playground Turned Vicious0

    The world of dinosaurs continues with this fourth episode of the Jurassic Park franchise. This time however, we get to see a completed theme park that’s teeming with visitors from around the planet. Called Jurassic World the film takes you on an adventure into the prehistoric reptiles that roamed the earth most all docile from

  • Gemma Bovery, Fatally Romantic

    Gemma Bovery, Fatally Romantic0

    Looking for a very cool romantic comedy for a night out, then look no further. Gemma Bovery opens today in select theaters and has a very good plot that will keep you intrigued, romantically tangled and completely entertained. At first I thought “Madame Bovary” the novel by Gustave Flaubert, a steamy sexually charged book that

  • The Squeeze, Golfing on the Edge

    The Squeeze, Golfing on the Edge0

      Sometimes you come across a cherry of a film from a small studio that entertains more than the majors. This one is called The Squeeze, a fun well-made movie with some familiar faces and performances from good upcoming stars as well. The movie based on a real person gets you engrossed from its cool