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  • The Immigrant, a Gripping Drama

    The Immigrant, a Gripping Drama0

      The fine actress Marion Cotillard shows her ability to fascinate and convince her audience in the film The Immigrant, now on Blu-ray and DVD. A tale of hardship, debauchery and despair, the film takes you into the life of a woman who sought freedom from oppression to one of despondency and a life of

  • Effie Gray, Not Fanning’s Cup of Tea

    Effie Gray, Not Fanning’s Cup of Tea0

      Dreary and unemotional the true story of Effie Gray with a script by Emma Thompson plays out on the big screen this weekend. Terribly miscast, hollow and not quite as realistic as other films of its ilk, the Victorian period piece falls short of any real praise. The camera work does create a spark

  • Furious 7, a Rip Roaring Thrill Ride

    Furious 7, a Rip Roaring Thrill Ride0

      Giving very good performances all around, able direction and an edge of your seat storyline, Furious 7 takes the “summer” lead with an awesome action theatrical entry. The high energy franchise proves again that there’s always another story for the team of actors that has carried the car crime thriller for seven big hits. The

  • Harlock Space Pirate, an Exciting Anime Thriller

    Harlock Space Pirate, an Exciting Anime Thriller0

      Featuring captivating motion-capture animation the film Harlock Space Pirate kicks sci-fi up a notch with serious action, manga characters and beyond imagination space craft. The thriller establishes a whole new world for those who are not already fans of the dark story lines and the space traveling counter hero. If you are a gamer, like anime

  • Queen and Country, a Romantic Sequel

    Queen and Country, a Romantic Sequel0

      Spooling out his final film Writer/Director John Boorman makes it a sequel and a good one at that. His Queen and Country being released in the United States takes his characters into the 1950’s as a follow up to Hope and Glory set during WWII. He works his magic one more time with interesting

  • It Follows, a Daunting Teen Sex Chiller

    It Follows, a Daunting Teen Sex Chiller0

      Very daunting, compelling, edgy and different the chiller It Follows takes you on a horror ride where sex is key and death the consequence. The disturbing film takes on a complex storyline and sorts it all out during the finale. Perfect for fans that like a good scare and staying with you for a