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  • Interview with Amber Coney in Dead of Summer

    Interview with Amber Coney in Dead of Summer0

    Best known for her work on The Creation of Aspen, Send Me to Heaven and Horoscopes and Fortune Cookies, Amber Coney can also be seen in the upcoming L.A. Series, Kill The Czar, and Actors Anonymous. In Dead of Summer, Coney plays Carolina ‘Cricket’ Diaz, a warm, snarky camp counselor who harbors deep-seated issues beneath

  • An Interview with Flash’s Violett Beane

    An Interview with Flash’s Violett Beane0

    Best known as the DC Comics superhero Jesse Quick in The CW series The Flash, and as the missing girl in HBO’s, The Leftovers, Violett Beane appeared in the horror feature Flay, and the indie Slash, which recently premiered at SXSW. In Slash, Beane plays Lindsay in a coming-of-age drama about adolescent outsiders who write

  • Corpse Origin from Containment

    Corpse Origin from Containment0

    Containment came out swinging this week in its premiere on the CW. Next week’s new thrilling episode continues the drama as the bodies start to pile up from the deadly pandemic that has stricken Atlanta, GA. Tensions rise and hope starts to dwindle amidst the quarantine.