Summer Scents, Anatomy of a Perfume

There’s nothing that leaves a lasting impression the way a powerful scent does. You’ll remember a person’s scent before you remember the face. Everyone wants to be remembered for all the right reasons and a captivating fragrance can do just that. Men and women equally appreciate the value of smelling irresistible. Each individual has their favorite notes they prefer whether it’s a musky or sweet scent that draws them. As much as we may have our favorites, it’s a great idea to switch up your fragrances at the start of a new season. Read more

All that Glitters at the New York Fashion Week is OPI

fsfwnyss17.05com-new-york-fashion-week-ss-2015---opi-at-clover-canyon (1)Gold is in this spring and OPI knows it. They created a rich gold nail look for Clover Canyon’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 runway show. Lead nail artist Miss Pop transformed nails and toes using OPI with a Nice Finn-ish, a coppery gold hue that gave the look of jewelry against the collection’s bold prints and bright colors. Read more

Trendy Spring Colors for 2015 – What’s Your Color?

Every year we see different trends with fashion, colors, the ins and outs of what’s hot with makeup and style … If you put on a fresh face, or show off high cheek bone contours, you will be among the “in” crowd of beauty beacons. You’ll also find yourself in the winners circle with the addition of glossy highlights on high points of your face. But, what about color? Let’s check out some of the exciting picks for this season. Read more

Your Feet Can Take You Places – Take Care of Them

Oh, how we relish in our weekly manicures finding so much joy by painting our fingernails pretty colors to match the seasons. Getting a manicure is even a social event, friends sit side-by-side marveling at each other’s nail choices, and they laugh, engage in conversation and relax. Why can’t the same be said for a pedicure? Usually at the pedicure chairs in a salon are women that came all alone, disgruntled that they have to face the music of getting a pedicure. Read more

3 Benefits to Using Natural Skincare Products

A big myth exists in the beauty industry that natural skincare products aren’t effective. Fortunately, consumers are now discovering that natural products aren’t only nontoxic but also very effective. Did you know that our skin absorbs up to 60% of what it comes in contact with, allowing harmful chemicals to move more freely past the outside layer of the skin? It’s true and that’s why MyChelle Dermaceuticals provides active and effective skin care that is safe both to the consumer and the environment. Since our inception, our commitment has been to never use any toxic ingredients or byproducts. Read more

How to Get the Smoothest Arms Possible, Chicken Skin Be Damned!


Sleeveless top season is almost here, but if you have keratosis pilaris—a.k.a. “chicken skin,” or the condition marked by little pink bumps on the back of the arms—baring your biceps is probably the last thing you want to do as the weather heats up.

Keratosis pilaris is a genetic condition that occurs when skin cells are not shed from the hair follicles, causing tiny bumps to form. “These cells become too sticky and are retained instead of being shed,” says David E. Bank, M.D., a dermatologist in Mount Kisco, New York. Read more

The Right Way to Apply—and Remove—Eye Makeup if You Wear Contacts


If you prefer contacts over glasses, you’ve probably experienced itching or redness in your eyes from your makeup at one point or another. Luckily, by making a few easy changes to your beauty routine, you can ensure that you never deal with frustrating irritation again. Just follow these ophthalmologist-approved tips, and your peepers will thank you.

Read more