Don’t Let the Kochs Destroy Our National Parks!

Millions of people across the country will visit America’s national parks and other public lands for their Fourth of July weekend. Enjoy them while you still have them. If the notorious Koch brothers have their way, soon these places will be ripped apart, sold and destroyed thanks to their latest campaign against these treasured places. They are pushing for no more national parks. (Of course we should all tell them where to stick that notion…) Read more

Get Longer, Fuller Lashes Without the Damage

Not everyone is born with long, dark full lashes. Some of us have short lashes, blonde lashes or sparse and unimpressive. For many people mascara is the solution to the glamorous lash blues. There are tons of different types of mascara out there. As much as these different beauty brands like to boast, how realistic is the promise they make to you on that magic tube? Read more

10 Ways to Get and Stay Fit for Life

Looking for ways to get or stay fit for summertime? Being healthy and getting in shape is more than just a random fad diet or a sporadic exercise routine. If sporadic can be called a routine … There are however a few things you can live by that will help you get in the shape you want to be in – and stay that way. These things aren’t temporary, they are a way of life. Read more

Make Healthy Cooking Easier

Fast meals don’t have to be unhealthy meals. Calorie-heavy meals aren’t the only meals you can make with a baking dish or a microwave. If you want to eat healthy with your everyday kitchenware, you may be surprised how you can use things like your coffee grinder, blender or waffle iron to make your journey toward a healthy life easier. It’s time to get creative and have a little fun when preparing your meals.

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Why Are You Always So Hungry?

It feels like you just just finished eating. You find yourself watching the clock until you can make an excuse to have another snack. Constant cravings have become a way of life for you. You never seem to be satisfied. Second breakfast is a must. You always feel like you are getting hungry just a short time after you’ve finished a meal. What’s the deal?

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5 Tips to De-Stress Before Finals

It’s the day of the big exam. You’ve worn your flashcards out and your notes are starting to feel like an extension of your arms. What next? Are you afraid you’ll choke? How can you calm your nerves so you can make it through finals and get your best scores? Follow these five simple steps from yoga instructor Rebecca Rissman to slow down, chill out, and focus. Read more

Treat Your Hair and Skin’s Sunburn Fast If You Can’t Prevent It

We know the beginning of summer can bring you waves of excitement, but don’t skip out to the beach or park to lay out and forget to apply sunblock. Many people are so eager for a tan that they’ll probably tell themselves it’s the first tanning session of the summer … I’ll just skip the SPF to make sure I get some color. Nope, you’re wrong. You’ll cause your skin more problems and long-term risks than if you’d just taken the necessary pre and post-cautions when sun bathing. Read more