Roasted Nacho Chickpea Recipe

Looking for something a little different to dip your chip in? Roasted chickpeas are the cool kids at the pool now. They’re just as crispy, just as salty (if you like ‘em that way) and just as flavorful. This recipe kicks it up a notch with fiery spices that may remind you of a certain Mexican-inspired platter. So be careful where you put down your bowl, because these chickpeas are “nachos” for long! Read more

Protein Birthday Cake Blondie Recipe

It’s hard to get rid of some fond childhood memories — especially that yummy birthday cake mom used to make. You know the one where you secretly tasted the batter and the icing before it was finished … and then grabbed the corner piece with the most icing on it… Perhaps you are baking for your family or friends now. Even if it is just for yourself this recipe will make any mouth water – whether it’s their birthday or not! Read more

Springtime Smoothies to Rejuvenate and Cleanse

The season has finally shifted to a warmer embrace. What better time to cleanse and rejuvenate your body with lighter foods, juices and smoothies?

What’s considered healthy and unhealthy seems to change on a regular basis, which is why it’s helpful to recognize further studies that confirm previous findings. Most recently, a study by Georgia State University microbiologist Benoit Chassaing has further confirmed the destructive properties of an inflammatory diet. Read more

Grilled Salmon with Pineapple Salsa Recipe

This grilled salmon with sweet and sour pineapple salsa, courtesy of Eat Spin Run Repeat, will make your mouth water. Salmon, fresh or frozen, is a great source of heart-healthy omega-3 fats and protein. Fresh pineapple is excellent in the accompanying salsa, but you can purchase canned pineapple (in water), and use the leftover juice to marinate the salmon. Read more

Cinco de Mayo Cheesy Veggie Enchiladas Recipe

Get festive this Cinco de Mayo and put together these cheesy vegetarian enchiladas from The Honour System. In this recipe, whole wheat tortillas are stuffed with an amazing mixture of ricotta, spinach, garlic and brown rice. They are then topped with a spicy cheddar cheese and salsa combo before baking to kick it up a notch. Pair these yummy treats with your favorite margarita and you’ll be in the holiday spirit in no time!

Read more

Chocolate Black Bean Truffle Cookie Recipe

You expect to see them in a simmering pot of stew, a bulky burrito or a spicy rice dish. But black beans in your dessert? It’s a foreign – even shocking – concept. Don’t let dinner visions sway you from trying these rich, decadent, bean-based truffle cookies. When combined with cocoa, coconut oil and natural sweeteners like pure maple syrup and vanilla, those petite protein powerhouses go completely undetected, creating a healthy, chocolaty treat you won’t be able to resist. Read more