Stop Eating Your Stress

Why do we turn to food for emotional reasons? If you really want to be free of this self-destructive habit for good, you need to increase awareness in your eating— this means tuning into your thoughts and feelings on a regular basis, and making needed adjustments to prevent you from reaching for the cookies whenever you’re having a rough moment. (Who doesn’t want a cookie when they are feeling down?)

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At-Home Thigh and Ab Workout to Die For

Hate going to the gym? Maybe you just don’t have time … Whatever the reason, that is no excuse not to get a little movement into your day. You can try a few at-home exercises created by Nicole Winhoffer, new global trainer for Adidas and ambassador for Adidas by Stella McCartney. After getting through these exclusive thigh- and ab-tightening moves from Madonna’s former fitness guru, you’ll feel better and stay on track for your fitness goals. Read more

2015 Food Trends for the Hungry and Informed

When you think of food, eating, grocery shopping — what changes have you made to your habits lately and why? More importantly — what changes should you make?

The April 2015 issue of Food Technology features insights on the top food trends for 2015. The data is gathered from a multitude of industry resources to come up with the top trends. Read more

Can Chocolate Help You Lose Weight?

Yes it can. At least, that is what a study says performed by German researchers, published this week in the International Archives of Medicine.

Confusion reigns in the diet world, with conflicting recommendations for diets that range from high-protein to low-carbohydrate and even high-fat. According to many nutrition researchers, the problem is that these tools are too blunt. “What is important is the specific combination of foods in your diet,”says lead author Johannes Bohannon, research director of the nonprofit Institute of Diet and Health. “Just lowering the proportion of carbohydrates is not a reliable weight loss intervention because it has different physiological effect depending on the bioactive compounds in your diet.” Read more

Can’t Stretch Like Mr. Fantastic? No Problem. You Can Still Do Yoga


There are many misconceptions about Yoga. Many people seem to think it’s all about contorting your body into unnatural shapes – pretzels for example – or getting on your downward dog. A lot of what’s posted on social media (um, Instagram) support this intimidating misconception. Let’s see if we can change your mind. Yoga is not just for ex-dancers and gymnasts—or girls. Don’t miss out on what could be transformational for you.

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Do You Have a Slowing Metabolism? Find Out How to Cope

Many of us, especially if we struggle with our weight goals, have blamed the all-encompassing metabolism monster: “It’s too slow,” we say. It is frequently targeted as a common weight-loss enemy without really knowing the facts that play into metabolism – and whether or not we can do anything about them.

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What Your Yoga Instructor Wishes You’d Stop Doing

The benefits of yoga are endless. With a little downward dogging, you can lower your stress levels, decrease your risk of heart disease, maintain a healthy weight, and so much more.

So, if you’re getting your butt to yoga class every week, good for you! But if you’re texting between sun salutations, your instructor might say you’re robbing yourself of yoga’s many perks. Read more

4 Ways to Stay Positive and Maintain Confidence

Some of the biggest obstacles we face in life may be fear, insecurity, self-doubt and the like. In order to overcome that negativity, many people turn to unhealthy behaviors, such as overeating or alcohol/drug abuse (some even shop compulsively – you know who you are!).

“Compulsive or addictive behavior may temporarily numb that negativity, but it won’t put you on a healthy and wholesome path,” says Darlene Hunter, a renowned speaker and author of Win-Ability, Navigating through Life’s Challenges with a Winning Attitude. Read more