5 Ways to Get Slim on Autopilot

“Just tell me what to eat.” Weight-loss experts say that’s the number one thing they hear from women who are trying to slim down. And no wonder: Whether it’s the endless aisles of food at the grocery store or a seemingly harmless salad bar, research shows that the more options you have, the more likely you are to blow your calorie budget.

The culprit? Decision fatigue. When faced with lots of choices, the regions of your brain responsible for willpower and regret become overstimulated, upping the odds that you’ll make poor decisions—and feel less satisfied with the selections you make even when they’re good ones. Read more

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater – Are You a Pumpkin Eater?

Pumpkin is very popular this time of year. While there are those who will simply carve and light one up to display their Halloween spirit, there are others who take advantage of this time to eat and drink numerous pumpkin delights. Everywhere you go there is Pumpkin Spice coffees, ice creams, pies, cookies, cakes, casseroles, donuts and some chocolate numbers that’ll knock your witchy stockings off.

Pumpkins do have some good points to them, but you have to be wary of the bad (and when I say bad I mean mostly calories) that come with these pumpkin treats. Read more

“Longevity” A Tracie Long Workout

Longevity step forward boxart

Tracie Long has released a new series of fitness on DVD.  It’s called “Longevity” and the three DVD release includes the titles Step Forward, Defining Shape and Staying Power. In her original series called “The Firm” there’s 15 training films teaching how to get fit, she showed women how to achieve and keep their fitness health. (We recently reviewed her series called “Focus” that concentrate on getting the body toned and keeping it fit.) In this new series it’s all about endurance for good health. Read more

Wanna Slow Aging? Start Exercising! Duh.

Slow aging with exercise

Come on – you know exercise is already good for you right? This should come as no shocker. If you want to reduce your light-speed into old age, try doing some cardio or yoga for goodness sake. According to Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, MD, PhD of sports medicine, regular exercise not only improves the quality of life, but can also extend a person’s lifespan by up to five years. Read more

Tracie Long Heats Up Fitness on DVD

Tracie Long Focus Series  - Kickback front 3D -  368 x 480


Up and down, now stretch those thigh muscles and work that gluteus maximus. While I’m not a physical health trainer and I don’t really purport to be one, Tracie Long on the other hand knows health/fitness.  With “The Firm”, 15 training films teaching how to get fit, she showed women how to achieve and keep their fitness health. Now she returns with the release of 3 special DVD’s in her own Focus series.  The newest editions concentrate on getting the body toned and keeping it fit with all-embracing training routines. Read more

Is There a Cure for the Summertime Blues?

Summer Sadness

Many people look forward to the summertime for various reasons. Some people like to bake in the sun, others like to take vacations and the rest of us may just be happy to get away from the cold weather for a little while. Not everyone loves this fun-in-the-sun season however. Some people really do experience the summertime blues. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can strike anyone in any season for different reasons. The cause may be as simple as an anxiety centering around how one might look in a swimsuit down at the beach … self esteem issues are really not that simple however.

Isaac Farin, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, suggests focusing on other things rather than your phsyique. “Believe it or not, outward appearance is not everything. Who we are on the inside is of greater importance. Therefore, if you can carry yourself with confidence and focus on your good points, this can go a long way in reducing these anxieties. Read more

Five Tips to Stay Safe this Summer

It’s starting to get warm in most places, schools are letting out and many people are dusting off their swimsuits, umbrellas and flip flops. Almost everyone likes to get outside when it is warm and sunny outside. Whether you are playing sports, lounging at the beach or hiking through the woods — you might want to take a few simple steps to make sure your fun in the sun stays stays fun… Read more

Walk Away Renee, a Heartfelt Look at Mental Illness (Video Review)

walk renee BOXART

Here’s a very different documentary that follows the life of director Jonathan Caouette’s mentally ill mother Renee Leblanc as he takes her from one assisted living facility to another over 1000 miles away.  Sometimes unnerving and depressing other times heartbreaking and empathetic the film takes you through a myriad of situations on this heartfelt trip. Witness the compassion of this man and woman in Walk Away Renee now on DVD for the first time. Read more

Shaman, Healer, Sage, Inspirational and Informational (Video Review)

shaman BOXART

A special informational and inspiring film Shaman, Healer, Sage has been made available on DVD.  The story of Alberto Villoldo, Ph. D. has come to home video showing the skills, psychology and understanding of a special healing process that stems from the medicine men all over the world including the Amazon and Inkas.

Read more