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  • “Entanglement” Mixed Up Crazy Love

    “Entanglement” Mixed Up Crazy Love0

    When you think about crazy in love, put yourself in the shoes of our protagonist in the movie Entanglement. It’s a wacky film that has some personal drama, enchanting romance and a bit of austere comedy. It’s a nice date movie, whether a first one, married couple or even a night out with the girls.

  • “24 Hours to Live” a Seething Barn Burner

    “24 Hours to Live” a Seething Barn Burner0

    The fast moving action thriller 24 Hours to Live kicks off quickly and never stops till the final curtain. Filled with chase scenes, hit men at every turn, and a whole lot of mayhem, the movie hits the target for the action junkie. Now on DVD and Blu-ray just plop in the disk, crank the

  • “Kill Order” A Martial Arts Thriller

    “Kill Order” A Martial Arts Thriller0

    A fast paced film with adrenaline hype, the movie Kill Order enters home video with high energy. The story may give 25 and older viewers a bit of déjà vu, but mature teens should get a kick out of it. Another low budget movie, but this one has some strength in the martial arts department

  • “From Hollywood to Rose” a Wacky Ride in Tinsel Town

    “From Hollywood to Rose” a Wacky Ride in Tinsel Town0

    You never know what you can do on a small film budget if you have the right premise, a determined director and a willing cast. That’s the case for From Hollywood to Rose a comedy about a life experience that goes from bad to worse. The film leaves it up to the viewer to decide

  • Lionsgate Pieces Together Another Jigsaw

    Lionsgate Pieces Together Another Jigsaw0

    “The games have begun again, and they will not stop until the sins against the innocent are atoned for.” It has been about seven years since last we heard Tobin Bell ask if we wanted to play a game. From 2004 until 2010 we were treated to seven films in quick succession, with The Final

  • Maze Runner leads You To The Death Cure

    Maze Runner leads You To The Death Cure0

    By Jeremy Butler For Dylan O’Brien, it just seems like his start just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Going from the awkward best friend on MTV’s Teen Wolf to becoming a leading man on the silver screen, he has shown charm and charisma normally only seen in veterans. Another great way a star distinguishes himself