Microsoft Says, Give People The Finger

There is a new Windows 10 coming to town, and it is giving you the finger …

As Gizmodo reported Monday, Windows 10 will allow users to send and receive a hand with the middle finger extended. The update will come with a couple of upgrades for existing emojis, like a sassier image for the information desk person, which you probably thought was a woman flipping her hair sarcastically. Read more

Apple Watch Has a Secret

You’d never know it, but Apple‘s new smartwatch has a secret. Many people might not realize there is a certain feature right in front of them – a secret charging port. Oh yes. How could people miss this?

It was discovered by accessories maker Reserve Strap, which plans to offer a band that charges your Apple Watch while you wear it. So no more wireless, inductive charging. Read more

How to make a MyIdol character that actually looks like you

If you’ve checked almost any social network in the last few days, chances are you’ve seen weird animated avatars of your friends (or celebrities) singing, dancing or gyrating on stripper poles.

All these images and videos have come from MyIdol, a Chinese app that’s blown up in the U.S. It uses your phone’s camera or uploaded photos to transform your face into a wild, animated doppelgänger. But the whole app is written in Simplified Chinese, meaning you’ll have to spend a bit of time poking around if you want to learn how it works. Read more

Apple Watch Smashers – The Hulk Was Not to Blame

Now that users finally have the Apple Watch in their eager little hands, the device is finally being put to the test in real world conditions, which includes cracking the screen.

Although there is (thankfully) no epidemic of smashed Apple Watch screens popping up, we did manage to find a few that indicate that you might want to treat the device as delicately as your iPhone. Read more

15 Emojis That Need to Be Rendered

Here’s a bright-yellow thumbs up to the new emoji rollout. Not having to tab through different categories saves time in texting. We won’t complain too much about the missing middle finger Apple promised because there are other, more creative ways to express ire. (Angry Mexican wrestler mask.)

But, if emojis were designed to save time in digital communication, in addition to releasing more diverse options it would have been nice to see 15 still-missing emojis that are part of many females’ regular texting vocabulary. Read more