5 Digital Tools and Apps to Check If Your Clothing’s Been Made Ethically

Look down at what you’re wearing. Do you know who made it and where? On April 24, 2013, a factory complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh, called Rana Plaza — where thousands of laborers worked on outsourced textiles for major brands like Mango, Joe Fresh and Benetton — collapsed due to three ignored structural cracks that were found earlier that morning. More than 1,130 people were killed in the accident. Read more

That’s Not Funk in Your Trunk, It’s Amazon

Delivery of Amazon goods via flying drones might sound outlandish to some, but another, mobile app-powered experiment may draw similarly raised eyebrows: Amazon deliveries to your car trunk. The experiment was revealed on Wednesday by automaker Audi on its website.

Launched as a pilot program in partnership with Amazon Prime and DHL Parcel for customers in Munich, Germany, Audi Connect Easy Delivery will allow Audi owners to give DHL a temporary access code to their trunk to allow the delivery person to deposit a package there. Read more

Move Over Google, There’s a New App Translator In Town

It’s not often that an app comes along just as you think of needing it, but that’s exactly what happened this weekend when I stumbled upon a new app focused on language translation.

I was in the middle of showing a friend how well Siri takes dictation in English and Japanese (my input) and French and Spanish (her input) when she asked if there was an app, other than Google’s, that automatically translates your dictation in one language into another. I drew a blank. Hours later, I found the answer: Speak and Translate. Read more

Apple Sending Apple Watches Early?

If you are on the May or June list for Apple Watch delivery, we may have good news for you.

Apple is sending out watch units prior to the stated delivery date on a bunch of orders. Eagle-eyed Apple obsessives and readers of 9to5Mac noticed their order statuses changing from “processing” to “preparing for shipment,” the website reported on Wednesday. The readers also noted they had seen charges for hundreds of dollars being taken from their credit cards. Read more

Perfectly Sized Images on Social Media Every Time

Images are a vital element of social media. Set a photo with screwy dimensions as your profile pic or cover photo, and you’ve immediately set the tone all wrong.

But don’t worry — we took a look at the optimum image sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, so you can make sure your profiles and content look as good as they possibly can. Read more

PopSlate Case, Put a Secondary Display on the back of Your iPhone 6

With the press of a button, my face is on the back of my iPhone case, then my colleague Christina’s face shows up, followed a picture of someone’s puppy I found on Instagram. The case on my iPhone 6 is called the PopSlate and it has an e-paper screen on the back.

Successfully funded in 2013, the PopSlate case is finally shipping to Indiegogo backers starting today. It’s been a very long wait. So is the final product worth it? Read more

Four Screens on One Device – Oh My…

Ever want to watch four games at one time and end up switching back and forth from channel to channel? Or maybe there are two TV shows on at the same time and you can’t stand the idea of waiting to watch the other one… If that sounds like you – then you might be perfect for 4SeTV.

Basically, this nifty device and software combo allows you to watch up to four channels at one time on small and large screens. Think tablet, TV, etc. I am not sure I would want to do this for regular TV shows, but it does sound like a great solution for sports fans on game days (football, soccer, etc.). Read more

Go Go Gadget Earth Day

Earth Day

You can be green without leaving all of technology behind. As one might expect, the 44th annual celebration of Earth Day is surrounded by talk of our environment. Taking care of our planet should be a topic of discussion. And why not, there are so many things you can do every day to help out our planet!

“We’re seeing more and more people who realize that, if each of us does what we can every day, collectively, we can have a tremendous impact,” says Lynda Chervil, a thought leader and green technology advocate whose new book, Fool’s Return, mirrors real-life efforts to develop sustainable energy sources. Read more

Waze Up? Social Meets GPS Maps …

There is a great new app out there called Waze. It is a social app, but it also serves as a way to outsmart traffic on daily commutes to and from work — or anywhere else you may be driving to. This app utilizes the GPS on your mobile device (Smart Phone or iPhone) and keeps an up-to-date report on current traffic conditions, places to avoid, etc. It gathers intel from all of the other users on the network to make sure everyone is informed by everyone else all the time.

Of course, it is also a navigation and mapping tool — but this is secondary to its true unique ability to not only inform, but to learn. It learns your frequent destinations, commuting hours and preferred routes. By just driving around with Waze open, you contribute tons of real-time traffic and road info to your local driving community. In addition, you can actively report accidents, hazards, police and other events you see on the road, and get road alerts on your route too. It will also help you find the cheapest gas station along your route with community-shared fuel prices. Read more

Shecky’s Closet — Rent Designer Clothing, Netflix Style

sheckys closet

If you are one of the millions that like to rent movies every month for a set price online, you may appreciate this new apparel site that allows you to do the same thing with designer clothing. Shecky’s Closet features fashion clothing, jewelry and accessories from emerging designers for anyone to rent.

It really is a lot like Netflix. You pay $49.95 a month for a platinum membership, and you can rent (borrow) up to $250 worth of merchandise. Find, borrow, return. This closet in the cloud even pays for the shipping both ways, including a box to ship your borrowed designer apparel, jewelry and accessories. Fashion renters send back what they try out after 30 days. You can also purchase anything you rent if you decide you want to keep it rather than returning it back to its hanger in the cloud. Read more

Amazon Opens First Store

Amazon is now taking its merchandise somewhere it has never gone before…offline!

While most retailers begin as actual stores and later adapt their products to be purchased off of websites, Amazon started its life online, and has since been dubbed as the world’s #1 internet retailer. So what’s with the need to move from cyber to snail-purchases? With so many companies transferring all their material to the web, why is Amazon choosing to go old-school? Read more

Pinterest – Social Network for Self Expression

Are you looking for the latest social network to join? One that’s a little less for stalking other people and a lot more for, well, yourself? Pinterest might just be it!

I do have to admit, I am hesitant to sign up for anything that demands to be linked to my Facbeook or Twitter accounts.  However, I got over my fear (of what I was afraid I’m not exactly sure), linked Pinterest with my Twitter account, and signed in. Read more

New Google Policy – Convenient or Creepy?

Google announced today that they will be combining over 60 privacy policies into one main policy.  What this means is that starting March 1, 2012, a person using any one of Google’s vast products will automatically be signed into the rest of them.

Ever been asked if you wanted to sign into your Picasa or Blogger account with your Gmail address? Well, now you don’t have a choice.  The point of the policy, claims Google, is to provide “a beautifully simple, intuitive user experience.”  In reality, it’s to bombard us with specifically targeted advertisements and recommendations, encouraging the further use of Google products and our credit cards.  Read more