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6 Souls DVD Giveaway

6soulsdvdIf you are looking for a little extra snuggle time with your main squeeze — or you just love a good, creepy thriller — you might want to enter for this gem of a filmic fright. 6 Souls comes out on DVD July 2, but you can enter our contest here and try to win yourself a copy for free.

After the death of her husband, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Cara Harding’s (Julianne Moore) faith in God has been shaken, but not her belief in science.  In an attempt to open her up to accepting unexplainable psychiatric theories, her father introduces her to Adam (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), a patient with multiple personalities, who takes on some of the physical characteristics of his other personalities.  Cara quickly discovers that Adam’s personalities are murder victims, and the more she finds out about him and his past, the closer she and her loved ones are to becoming murder victims themselves.  Read more