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“Cult of Chucky” The Red Head Goes Psycho

“Cult of Chucky” The Red Head Goes Psycho

Sometimes there’s nothing like a good Chucky movie to get your mind off the hum drum life of your daily routine.  Just out on Blu-ray/DVD Cult of Chucky is another sequel of the infamous Child’s Play (Chucky for most fans). If you are a follower you already know how diabolical the main character can be, well it gets even more so with this chapter in the life of the red headed doll. Just in time to start off the October rush to Halloween, the move has a lot of jumpy moments and buckets of blood.

The film opens with Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) who was the boy that was in the first Child’s play who received the Good Guy Doll that had turned into Chucky, having dinner with Rachel (Allison Dawn Doiron) another dating prospect.  No luck there, he returns to his home with memories of his babysitter and teacher getting murdered along with 37 other people.


Nica (Fiona Dourif) gets hooked up to electro shock by Dr Foley (Michael Therriault in CULT OF CHUCKY

The scene changes to Dr. Foley”s (Michael Therriault) office where we find him in a conference with Nica (Fiona Dourif). She survived Chucky in the last film (Curse of Chucky) but was charged with the murders that included her Aunt’s family with only her niece Alice surviving. She is now at the high security asylum at Lochmoor.  Dr. Foley tells Nica that she has been doing well in her recovery and will be transferring her to the medium security asylum at Harrogate.


Chucky hides behind a wall as Nurse Ashly (Ali Tataryn) walks by in CULT OF CHUCKY

When they get to Harrogate however, Nica starts to feel a short time of relief getting help from nurses Carlos (Zak Santiago) and Ashley (Ali Tataryn).  Being introduced to the other asylum mates Claire (Grace Lynn Kung), Madeleine (Elisabeth Rosen), Michael (Adam Hurtig) and Angela (Marina Stephenson Kerr). As a way of getting Nica out of her psychological trauma he presents her with a Chucky doll that she refuses. Madeleine snatches up the doll as a substitute for the baby she killed and Dr. Foley approves it. So continues the mysterious and evil practices of daemon inside the doll.

Director, writer and producer Don Mancini continues his horror marathon with another incredibly gory chapter of the infamous doll embodied with the lunatic asylum escapee. From its beginnings as one of the best nightmare generating flicks to this it’s 7th chapter, the sequels have developed millions of followers. What’s scary about the movie includes the good storytelling, the bizarre deaths and the things that pop up out of nowhere.


Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) holds Chucky in CULT OF CHUCKY

Brad Dourif who played Charles Lee Ray and the voice of Chucky in all 7 films has been the backbone of the acting staffs.  Here he has to be talking for three Chucky dolls, each with a different tone and in some cases all together at one time.  Popping up as the star of the film is his daughter Fiona Dourif as Nica.  Nica’s not guilty of the killings in Curse of Chucky and she’s out to get the dolls to destroy their evil for good. I like Fiona, she can change her personality from innocent to furious and then to evil as the film spools out.

The film has an evil comical twist when Jennifer Tilly shows up as Tiffany.  She’s back in the sultry character with a Tiffany doll in tow.  Trying to find her lost love Charles Lee Ray who married her as Chucky in Bride of Chucky, she nearly accomplishes her task.  A hot siren, Tilly takes command of the film anytime she has a scene.


Behind the scenes with director Don Mancini ‘s CULT OF CHUCKY


Both the Blu-ray and DVD have all the following Extras.

“Choose Version of Movie” you can choose between the R-rated version or the Unrated version.“Feature Commentary” with Director/Writer/Producer don Mancini and Head Puppeteer/Associate Producer Tony Gardner.

“Inside the Insanity of Cult of Chucky” — Viewers will discover what it was like to film inside an insane asylum and the challenges production faced on set. They’ll also hear from the cast and filmmakers as they discuss why they were attracted to this story and how the filmmakers’ vision brought this fun-filled horror film together.

“Good Guy Gone Bad: The Incarnations of Chucky” — This featurette offers a peek into Alterian’s workshop, the studio behind Chucky’s puppeteering, to see how the magic is created and focuses on how the look of Chucky has evolved over the years.

“The Dollhouse” (Directed and Produced by Kyra Gardner) Tony Gardner, make-up and lead puppeteer along with writer/director Don Mancini talk about family relationships.  Even producer David Kirchner checks in talking about the Chucky franchise. They chat about the film, part of which involves the relationship of Brad Dourif (voice of Chucky films) and Fiona Dourif (star of the films Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky) and their working together on the Chucky films. Quite amusing since Brad has been in all seven movies. Incidentally the ending hint in Cult of Chucky looks like Fiona will have a third chance to show off her talent.

“Deleted Scenes”.

Cult of Chucky has been rated R by the MPAA for strong horror violence, grisly images, language, brief sexuality and drug use.  The violence is brutal and the blood flows from early on to the very gutsy ending.  This is definitely not for the squeamish and should not be show to anyone under the age of 17.

FINAL ANALYSIS: A good start to the spooky season ahead. (2.5 out 5 stars) 

Specifications and additional video information:

Cast: Brad Dourif, Jennifer Tilly, Fiona Dourif, Alex Vincent, Michael Therriault, Grace Lynn Kung, Elisabeth Rosen, Zak Santiago, Ali Tataryn, Allison Dawn Doiron, Adam Hurtig and Marina Stephenson Kerr.   Director and writer: Don Mancini.   MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong horror violence, grisly images, language, brief sexuality and drug use.   Genre: Horror, Sequel.   Running Time: 1 hr. 31 min.    Video Release Date: October 3, 2017   Language: English (changeable to Spanish and French)

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