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“Disney’s Mickey Mouse Merry & Scary” Tricks and Treats

A fun DVD for kids arrives on September 26 just in time for October Trick or Treat season.  The two movie video disc features both an exciting bump in the night “pumpkiner” and a laugh filled Christmas delight with Disney’s Mickey Mouse Merry & Scary.  Both films are approximately 30 minutes each and deliver a lot of fun for the youngsters. 

“The Scariest Story Ever: A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spooktacular!” Opens with the Donald Duck kids Huey, Dewey and Louie and the Mickey Mouse boys Mordy and Ferdy arriving at Mickey’s after a night of trick or treating.  They beg Mickey to tell them a scary story just like he does every year and he’s ready to put on a good show.

However, the kids think he’s not scary enough and are bored and being a little rude to him. Mickey seeing their bad behavior reaches deep into his bag of tricks and uses their bad behavior to give them a lesson they will never forget.


“The Scariest Story Ever: A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spooktacular!”

At the end of that film, the second feature “Deck the Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special” starts right up. It’s on the verge of snowing up north where Mickey lives and he and Goofy have already decorated the house for the holidays.  Donald and Daisy have arrived at Mickey’s home to let them know they are headed for Florida as they go south each year to get away from the cold snowy weather where it’s hard to survive.


“Deck the Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special”

Reluctant to leave however, Donald tries to convince Daisy that they should stay as he has never experience a Christmas morning. Daisy will have nothing of it as she feels it’s too dangerous, but Donald decides to stay.  Mickey sets a plan for Donald and they start having a fun time, but the going gets rough.  Will Mickey see his first Christmas Morning?

In addition to the two feature films there’s five short films that are a variety of spooky tales.  “Ghoul Friend” features Mickey Mouse whose car breaks down on a back road.  Not having a wrench to fix the problem a ghoul from a nearby cemetery comes to his aid.  “The Boiler Room” Mickey says there’s no such thing as monsters.  But when the boiler breaks down in the cellar, he has to face his biggest fear.


Donald and Mickey enjoy Christmas Florida style.

“Black and White” finds Mickey and Minnie going to see a scary movie, but Mickey gets cold feet. When the movie begins he gets frightened out of his “skin” and has to go looking for it. “Entombed” Mickey and Minnie go to Egypt to hunt for lost treasure. When they find it however, there’s a mummy with which to deal. “Split Decision” Donald’s temper is out of control so Mickey takes him to see Professor Von Drake.  Von Drake introduces Donald to the “maximizer relaxifier”, but instead of slowing him down, strange things start to happen.


The fun Halloween and Christmas Holiday videos are very good.  They are rated G, but be sure to watch the DVD before letting the very young see them so you can determine if there may be an issue.  In most cases, 4 and up kids that have gone trick or treating should have no problem, but you be the judge of that.


A scene from Disney/PIXAR’s newest animated film COCO opening in November

Check out the new trailer for Disney/PIXAR’s “Coco” coming to theaters November 22, 2017.  The clip is on the DVD and has some very funny moments.

FINAL ANALYSIS:  A fun group of animated Mickey Mouse toons for kids.

Specifications and additional video information:   Voice Cast: Chris Diamantopoulos, Tony Anselmo, Tess MacNeille, Bill Farmer, Russi Taylor .  MPAA Rating: G (may be a little scary for tots under 3).   Genre: Comedy, Family, Animation.   Running Time: 43 min plus shorts.    Video Release Date: September 26, 2017.    Language: English (changeable to Spanish or French).   Reviewed Format: DVD.    Audio: Dolby Digital.   Video: Digitally Mastered, 1080p Aspect Ratio 1.78:1.   Subtitles: English SDH, French, Spanish.   Number of Discs: 1 Disc +Disney Movie Rewards magic code.   Distributed by: Buena Vista Home Entertainment

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