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Winter the Dolphin with a Man-Made Tail

Abby working with Winter

At a recent visit to the Clearwater Marine Hospital in Florida I had the opportunity to interview Abby Stone the person who has taken care of Winter the dolphin since she was brought to the hospital in 2005. Winter is the star of the new movie DOLPHIN TALE.  Winter and Abby are seen in the dolphin tank with the interview between her and John Delia being  voiced over.

Click on the link ‘Dolphin with no tail’ below to view the video:

Dolphin with no tail

Abby Stone Clearwater, Florida Marine Hospital



David Yates holding Winters prostetic tail

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John Delia has been on all sides of the movie business from publications to film making. He has worked as a film critic with ACED Magazine for 8 years and earned a Bachelors degree in communications from the University of Florida. John is a member of the South Eastern Film Critics Association. Follow John on Twitter @staragent1.

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