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“Entanglement” Mixed Up Crazy Love

“Entanglement” Mixed Up Crazy Love

When you think about crazy in love, put yourself in the shoes of our protagonist in the movie Entanglement. It’s a wacky film that has some personal drama, enchanting romance and a bit of austere comedy. It’s a nice date movie, whether a first one, married couple or even a night out with the girls. The twists are a bit predictive, but no harm as the cast certainly knows how to reach for your heart strings

After getting saved from a suicide attempt, Ben Layten (Thomas Middleditch) seeks help from child psychologist Dr. Jill Franklin (Johannah Newmarch). She’s been guiding him on a road to acceptance as to why his wife has left him for another man. But after six months he’s still getting nowhere on finding out what went wrong. While waiting for his drug order to be filled at a local pharmacy, he runs into a strange, but gorgeous woman (Jess Weixler). She writes her phone number on a dollar bill, tells him to call her and walks off.

Thomas Middleditch as Ben in the alternative romantic comedy “ENTANGLEMENT” a Dark Star Pictures release

Enchanted by her, but still on a downward slide in life he struggles with the thought of his future never working out the way he had planned. Stuck at a crossroad in his life he wants to find out if he can undue that his feelings for his former wife. His divorced parents are no help either, until his mother tells Ben that he almost had a sister. It seems she had adopted a child and when she found out she was pregnant, had to give it back.

Jess Weixler as Hanna in the alternative romantic comedy ENTANGLEMENT a Dark Star Pictures release

With this information and a baby photo of the child, Ben starts a quest to find his sister in a chance that she may help him change his life. Director Jason James does a good job of setting up the characters and the plot within the early minutes of the film and then focuses his audience on Ben’s whirlwind romance with the mysterious woman that turns his life right side up, or so he thinks. I like the way James works the charm, spreads the love and finally…well you’ll have to see the movie for the ending.

Thomas Middleditch as Ben and Diana Bang as Tabby in the alternative romantic comedy ENTANGLEMENT a Dark Star Pictures release

The full cast does a good job with Thomas Middleditch as Ben the center of the plot. It’s his first starring role in a narrative and he nails his character and makes the weird story work. As the despondent Ben, he certainly looks like a fallen guy and as the movie goes on he brings his character out of the cocoon in which he finds himself. But, before that happens, he’s a total mess and even his best friend Tabby (Diana Bang), who lives in an apartment across the hall, can’t seem to bring him out of it. You may have seen Middleditch starring as Richard Hendricks in the TV series “Silicon Valley” that has been running on HBO since 2014.

Working her magic, Jess Weixler’s character becomes the catalyst of the complicated story. She’s whimsical, bright and energetic, just what Ben needs to get him out of his funk. Director Jason James puts her on the set and gets the camera rolling as she lights up the screen. She nearly upstages Middleditch at times, but without her breath of fresh air the movie would have been a failure. You may have seen her on AMC cable TV as Sally McCullough in “The Son”.

Entanglement has not been rated by the MPAA, but contains drug use and language 

FINAL ANALYSIS: A very good date film. (3.5 out of 5 stars)

Additional Film Information
Cast: Thomas Middleditch, Jess Weixler, Johannah Newmarch, Nicole LaPlaca, Diana Bang, Randal Edwards, Marlyn Norry, Eric Keenlyside 
Directed by: Jason James
Written by: Jason Filiatrault
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
MPAA Rating: Not Rated, contains drug use, sex, language
Running Time: 1 hr. 25 min.
Release Date: February 9, 2018
Distributed by: Dark Star Pictures
Released in: Theaters, and On Demand / Digital HD

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