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The Expanse, Season 3: Bigger, Bolder, Better

A pulse quickening space epic, The Expanse has delivered multi-layered  characters, political intrigue, and held true to its science-based roots. Season 3 is expected to open things up, revealing a bigger universe.

Frankie Adams

After the  protomolecule crashed into Venus, it began to morph into  something unsettling and weird. In Season 3, we’ll discover that the protomolecule turns into a gate found somewhere beyond the orbit of Uranus. The Expanse team will visit the gate and try to figure out what it opens to–Earth, Mars?

Clarissa, still upset with Holden and eager for payback, hacks into the Rocinante with a fake message that Holden is claiming the gate for the OPA. What’s really on the other side of the gate? Other habitable worlds? If so, will the politicians send teams to explore, harvest and list the new worlds?

Former Lost, V, and Once Upon a Time star Elizabeth Mitchell will be joining the season 3 cast, adding a new, spiritual perspective to the sci-fi epic. In addition, Blacklist‘s David Strathiirn is expected to appear in season 3 in a major recurring role.

See the official Season 3 trailer.

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