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Four Screens on One Device – Oh My…

Four Screens on One Device – Oh My…

Ever want to watch four games at one time and end up switching back and forth from channel to channel? Or maybe there are two TV shows on at the same time and you can’t stand the idea of waiting to watch the other one… If that sounds like you – then you might be perfect for 4SeTV.

Basically, this nifty device and software combo allows you to watch up to four channels at one time on small and large screens. Think tablet, TV, etc. I am not sure I would want to do this for regular TV shows, but it does sound like a great solution for sports fans on game days (football, soccer, etc.).

These guys are nearing the end of their Kickstarter campaign. They are still in production of the actual product itself. If you’re feeling generous, head over and give these guys your support and be a backer. There are only three days to go before pledging is closed – you can pledge $1 (yea one) or more.

Check this YouTube video out to see a demo on how it works:

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