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Fringe Season Four on Blu-ray & DVD, Captivating

Fringe started out a few years ago with a fresh new perspective of science as it pertains to fantasy television. The characters are rich and entertaining, the stories are interesting and the science fiction is cool.

Now in its fourth season, with its final fifth season soon to come, Fringe still remains strong with new and exciting twists and turns through parallel universes, crazy scientific mishaps and Observers gone wild.

After re-watching all of the episodes on blu-ray, I feel even more psyched to see the upcoming season’s character and story developments. The visuals in HD are so crisp and inviting. It’s amazing the amount of detail you actually miss when you are watching everything on a regular screen — but so amazing when you watch it again on blu-ray!

There are some great plot turns in season four, and of course the characters continue to grow and explore more of their personalities as the show progresses. Astrid’s character, portrayed by Jasika Nicole, finally gets a nice segment in the “Making Angels” episode where she is able to meet her universal double. Viewers really get a nice peek into Astrid’s character.

John Noble continues to do an amazing job breathing life into Walter Bishop. He perfectly captures the awe and curiosity of scientific discovery, couples it with a smidgen of insanity and a dash of true, grounded wisdom and caring.

Of course, Olivia (Anna Torv) and Peter (Joshua Jackson) continue their sordid romance, in and out of time, beyond memory and despite increasing odds against them. Both Torv and Jackson do a great job keeping the tension high for many episodes at the beginning of the season. After “Welcome to Westfield” everything fell quickly into place — to a point where they are almost where they left off before Peter had ceased to exist.

The increase in appearance of Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel) is a nice addition to the show. His character brings a fresh perspective, and in some ways makes everything seem new again. There is a nice shocker having to do with Phillip Broyles (Lance Reddick) that is revealed in episode “Enemy of my Enemy”, luckily all is not lost and in the end he does what Broyles does.

As per usual with DVD sets, this set comes with some fun features that help capture the essence of the show, its characters and the performers behind the fiction. Whether you are watching the Gag Reel, The Culture of Fringe, Have You Seen Walter, A World Without Peter, The Observers or Beyond the Comic Book, you will definitely learn things about every aspect of Fringe that you probably didn’t know before. And – the Gag Reel and Have You Seen Walter are especially fun!

If you are a Fringe fan, you will definitely want to add this Blu-ray DVD set to your collection. On a scale of one to five, it’s a definite five. Great show, great characters and awesome additional features on high-quality Blu-ray DVDs — that’s not science fiction, that’s a fact!

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