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Get Longer, Fuller Lashes Without the Damage

Not everyone is born with long, dark full lashes. Some of us have short lashes, blonde lashes or sparse and unimpressive. For many people mascara is the solution to the glamorous lash blues. There are tons of different types of mascara out there. As much as these different beauty brands like to boast, how realistic is the promise they make to you on that magic tube?

It doesn’t matter whether you get the latest beauty trend from a drugstore or a well known boutique, all of the mascaras make so many promises that many don’t deliver on. With everything from fiber or waterproof, to long-wearing or volumizing —  the bottom line is — it smears and smudges, flakes, clumps, and finally dries up and dies. Not to mention that fact that some “waterproof” mascara really isn’t so waterproof and washing your face or showering before you’ve removed it well can turn you into the walking dead with it pooling underneath your eye or dripping down your cheek.

Did I fail to mention that mascara can sometimes actually cause your lashes to fall out more than they would normally? Of course this means you will have to use it even more to make up for the damage you created by using it in the first place … But what else can a girl do?

There are a few options you can try to keep you from being shackled to the wand and tube. Some of these options will save you time, others are just a healthier alternative to mascara.

False Eyelashes. You see them hanging on the walls of isles as you walk up and down looking for the perfect makeup. You can buy them pretty cheap and reuse them a few times if you take care of them. You can choose everything from natural or thick, to dark or long lashes. You can also get individual lashes to supplement your natural lashes — but this takes a long time.

False lashes can be a little tricky to apply, but they are pretty easy to remove (moreso than waterproof mascara). You know what they say — practice makes perfect. Even though you can buy these pretty cheaply, buying them over and over again over time will add up. You also have to be careful what you buy doesn’t look unnatural – especially if you purchase them to wear in the daylight. Nighttime wear is more forgiving if you oopsie with the application.  False lashes are a great way to create a dramatic look fast — but they won’t save you time over applying mascara if that’s what you’re hoping. Still, it’s a little healthier than the daily wand.

Lash Extensions. These are a little more permanent than false lashes and they look more natural. The great thing about them — they don’t require daily application. These you get done at a salon — so no self application for these thankfully. Be prepared to sit patiently for at least an hour while they apply them. Don’t worry. It won’t hurt. The really great thing about these? They last for a bout a month. And that is a month of no mascara and no daily fake applications.

Another great thing about this option is you can customize your lashes however you like. Of course, extensions are more expensive than false lashes or mascara. If you choose this option be prepared to pay more. You could get charged anywhere from $50 to $200. And keep in mind, you’ll be paying that again every one or two months. Make sure you research salons and ask questions before you book an appointment. If you have friends that have gone to salons for this service their recommendations are priceless. Make sure the salon you choose uses formaldehyde-free glue.

If you do elect to go this route make sure you are careful when you shower, wash your face, touch your eyes, remove eye makeup, and yes, even when sleeping — especially on your side.

Mascara. Okay, maybe fake lashes just aren’t for you. There are some mascaras out there that are safer than others. Check out these 10 mascaras that have been screened by EWG for their toxin levels. We are listing only those with 0-2 rating, meaning they are all low hazard, high performance.

  1. Eva Anderson Mascara
  2. Ecco Bella Flower Color Natural Black Mascara
  3. Honeybee Gardens Truly Natural Mascara
  4. Jane Iredale Purelash Lengthening Mascara
  5. Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Lash Boosting Mascara
  6. 100% Pure Black Tea Fruit Pigmented Mascara
  7. Arbonne It’s a Long Story Mascara
  8. bareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara
  9. Gabriel Mascara
  10. Josie Maran GOGO Instant Natural Volume Argan Mascara
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