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Golden Globes 2012, Best Dressed

So let’s be honest- we tell people we watch the Golden Globes every year to fulfill our duty as devoted fans and cheer on our favorite actors and actresses from the comfort of our couch. And the reason we tell ourselves? The dresses, of course! How can actresses so fabulous in movies not look stunning on the red carpet? Here are a few of 2012’s top nominees strutting their designer threads:


Meryl Streep, nominated for Best Performance in a Motion Picture Drama for The Iron Lady, appears relaxed and confident.


Competing with Merly Streep is Rooney Mara.  Seems like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo replaced her nose ring with Nina Ricci.


Charlize Theron showing a lot of leg for a Young Adult in Dior Couture.

This smokin’ South African was nominated for Best Performance in a Motion Picture- Comedy or Musical.


Zooey Deschanel, nominated for Best Performance in a Television Series- Comedy or Musical,

looks like anyone BUT the “New Girl” in her Prada gown.


Nominated for Best Performance in a Mini-Series is Kate Winslet in simple yet elegant Jenny Packham.



Even though these ladies make gorgeous seem so effortless, nothing compares to a pair of sleek Old Navy sweatpants. Always a classic.

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