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“Gun Shy” a Crazy Romp with a Rock Star

“Gun Shy” a Crazy Romp with a Rock Star

If you are looking for a wacky romantic comedy with a nice high energy 70’s rock, try your luck with Gun Shy. It’s fun, crazy and adventurous with unusual performances by a couple of stars out of their element. Nicely directed by action master Simon West helming his first wacky comedy, the film should entertain both men and women alike.

After a high energy career as a top rock star and lead singer of “Metal Assassin”, Turk Henry (Antonio Banderas) has settled down in his Malibu mansion to a life as a recluse with his beautiful wife and ex-supermodel Sheila (Olga Kurylenko). But, Sheila has become restless and encouraging Turk to visit his home country of Chile, S.A. Not too fond of the idea, he resists her with excuses until he finally gives in to her charm.

Shelia (Olga Kurylenko) and Turk (Antonio Banderas) in GUN SHY

When they arrive at their hotel, they find it deserted since in July its winter in Chile. His idea of the vacation includes a lot of lounging by the pool making Sheila bored out of her mind. She suggest they take a hike in the mountains, but Turk will not have any of that nonsense, so Sheila decides to go on her own with a tour van. When the van gets stopped by a band of rebels and they take the vacationers hostage for ransom, Turk finds himself in a situation that’s about to spin out of control.

Turk (Antonio Banderas) singing with Metal Assassin in GUN SHY

Director Simon West who’s very familiar with action films like Con Air, The Mechanic and Expendables 2, turns up the heat giving a kick to this cool little comedy. His setup of having two burned out celebrities bored with life and adding a touch of adventure fever really works here. Turk’s way out of his league when he finds out he’s the only one who can save his wife and West leads him on a merry quest with a lot of silliness built into his bungling escapade.

I like Banderas and Kurylenko in the roles of the bored couple that find themselves rejuvenating their relationship. The chemistry between the two, although goofy at times, shows how they can not only handle comedy quite good, but are able to muster up some romance as well. To top it off, Banderas sings four numbers in the film with pretty good classic rock vocals as lead singer of Metal Assassins.

Gun Shy has been rated R for language, some sexual content/nudity and drug material. Stay through the credits to see what happens to the all the characters and Banderas’s 4th song of the film.

FINAL ANALYSIS: I you like a lot of silliness, then this film’s your cup of “heavy metal”.

Additional Film Information:
Cast: Antonio Banderas, Olga Kurylenko, Ben Cura, Aisling Loftus and Mark Valley
Directed by: Simon West
Genre: Comedy, Action, Adventure
MPAA Rating: R for language, some sexual content/nudity and drug material
Running Time: 1 hr. 26 min.
Release Date: September 8, 2017
Distributed by: Lionsgate

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