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Hobbies That Can Make Your 2018 Worth It!

Hobbies That Can Make Your 2018 Worth It!

A new year, a new you. Whatever turbulence that hit you last year doesn’t matter now. It’s 2018, and it’s the perfect time to try something fresh, something that can kick-start your year, something like a new hobby.

Hobbies are important. They’re a necessary distraction to get the most out of life. So if you want to make your 2018 fun, here are some hobbies that can make your new year worth it.

Open New Doors with Lockpicking

Feel suffocated by the current administration, the net neutrality issue, and/or the creeping threats against the freedom of speech? Take out your angst on locked doors. Try your hand at lockpicking.

Think of locked doors as representations of your frustrations, blocking you from exercising your democratic rights. So using lock picking sets to unlock them is not only a hobby that can develop dexterity in your hands but also a form of catharsis when you successfully pick their locks. It’s akin to feeling free again. If you get good at it, maybe you can even get some money—not as a thief, mind you—as a locksmith, rescuing people who get locked out of their homes and cars.

Gain New Insight by Reading Books

Nothing has made a greater impact on pop culture in the 2010s than George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, more popularly known by its TV series title, A Game of Thrones. Chances are you’re one of those who have made a “hobby” of watching the show and discussing theories about the fates of your favorite characters.

But bad news, 2018 is disturbingly empty of the series. The next and final season is still set to air in the next year, 2019. Does that make your 2018 worthless? No, it doesn’t have to be.

Fill the void by reading the books. Not every plot from the novels has been adapted to the TV screen. Even the most memorable moments in the show become a different experience when read in their original prose. Also, there are rumors that the next book will come out this year, so now is the best time to read and catch up on the books. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a passion for reading books in general.

Build Your Own Game with Nintendo

One exciting that’s coming out this year for gamers is Nintendo’s new line of cardboards. Yes, you read that right—cardboards. Nintendo, the guys who created Mario and pioneered the video-game industry in the ’80s, announced the Labo, which is a cardboard accessory for their Nintendo Switch, a gaming console that they released in 2017 and became the fastest-selling console of all time in the United States.

How it works is that you form your own cardboard creation using the Labo, then you attach the Switch to your contraption. The Switch detects what your creation is then makes it “come alive.” For example, one person created a cardboard fishing rod out of the Labo then inserted their Switch inside it. The Switch then booted up a fishing game with the cardboard rod as the controller! It’s basically a cross of DIY handicrafts and video gaming.

Try Those Traditional “New Year Hobbies”

If none of these unorthodox examples appeal to you, you can always fall back to the usual hobbies that people try every year—traditional hobbies like engaging in a new sport, watching movies, working out a sweat in the gym, or growing plants in a garden. You may have considered getting into them at some point in the past.

There’s nothing stopping you this year though. Go out there and discover a new hobby, a new passion – a new you. Make your 2018 worth it!

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