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How Does Your Pet Make You Healthy?

A pet’s impact on your life is more than you know. They don’t judge. They are always around when you need them. They give unconditional love in copious, never-ending amounts. Is it any wonder they can also help keep you healthy?

Check out how your pet keeps you healthy:

  1. Pets get you moving

If you have a dog, chances are you are on the move a few times a day. Whether they need to go out for a pit stop or a little walk to stretch those furry legs, you are always going to be there along for the walk … whether they are pulling you along or you are in the lead. It’s great because you get a little workout with some fresh air along the way. Try to fit in two 15-minute or three 10-minute walks each day — or longer if you’d can fit it in. Other things you can do to give you and your panting pal some exercise: hike, play fetch, run or do a dog and human yoga class (doga). All of this will keep you both fit and furr-tastic!

  1. Pets give your immune system a boost

All things colorful and green aren’t the only things that keep your body strong and resilient. Your furry companions can also boost your family’s immune system and help avoid illness. Studies have shown that those with pets tend to have stronger immune systems than those who live without pets. Even babies develop less colds and ear infections in their first year than other babies in pet-less homes. They are also less likely to develop allergies and asthma as they grow.

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  1. Your furr-tastic friend can help you make new friends

Cat got your tongue? Pets are a great conversation starter. This can bring out the animal in your social skills. Those who have a good set of friends are known to live healthier, longer lives. Whether you are walking your dog and meeting new people, or talking about how you’re a “cat” person at work with a circle of colleagues … nothing brings people together on a friendly level more than their shared loved of their furry friends. 

  1. Pets can reduce your stress levels, me-ow

Just hanging out with your fuzzy wuzzy can reduce your stress levels and increase feelings of peacefulness. Cats are known to calm people. The frequency range of their purring has been proven to have therapeutic qualities. If you’re feeling down grab your little bundle of fur and have a cuddle. Even if you’re stressed or anxious your little furball will still insist on attention, being fed or taken for a walk – so you won’t be able to hide away or disappear into your bad mood for long!

  1. Pets will keep a happy smile on your face

Yes, your pet will make you happy. They will bring an endless amount of love and awesomeness to your life every day. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal lover you are: dog, cat, lizard, horse or rabbit, pets are loyal, steadfast friends. You will feel less lonely with your pal around …. and always feel loved and appreciated. They can also give meaning to your life on a different level than perhaps children or significant others may because they will love you just as you are. Not only will your mood improve just by being around them on a daily basis, but you’ll feel happier in general just having them in your life.

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Jenna Bensoussan is an entertainment, lifestyle and wellness writer and editor. She served as executive editor for Smart Talk Magazine, associate editor for Counselor Magazine, and continues to serve as contributing editor for ACED Magazine. She has also contributed to newspapers such as the Boynton Times. Bensoussan holds a B.A. in communication and public relations from Florida Atlantic University.