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Howl Griff Offer Full Stream of Fragile Diamond

Howl Griff Offer Full Stream of Fragile Diamond

Howl Griff’s new album Fragile Diamond is being touted as the best way to enjoy these last few gasps of Summertime as Fall rolls around the corner and comes for us all. We think it’s that and a bit more. It’s seems to represent more of a promise: that good, upbeat rock and roll doesn’t have to horde it’s thrills in the bright sunshine. It can permeate the darker, more muted moods of Fall even as the green turns to vibrant reds, oranges and yellows.

Fragile Diamond is the very spirit of The Beach Boys or The Beatles with an edge to the romanticism of sunny days and clear blue skies embodied in gorgeous melodies and effective guitar riffs. It serves as a reminder that steady women with fragile hearts exist in the crisp winds of Autumn just as they exist in the warm breeze of Summer.

Fragile Diamond rolls through a cornucopia of rock sounds, ensconcing the easy-breezy, then charging ahead with the hard-hitting. We think “Radio Revolution” speaks to the heads and hearts of a generation caught somewhere in-between the dying breed of radio-raised music rebels and the uprising of free-streaming innovators that produce wild new imaginings of what music can do and be. It is our favorite cut off of the album, streaming now and due out for release on October 15th (Dockrad Records).

 This album is just good, pure fun rock and roll. It is as lush and diverse as one would hope without confusing the listener or changing it’s tune midway through the journey. That’s something you have to appreciate in this day in age as rock goes through so many identities, it’s hard to keep up. Fragile Diamond was a pleasant surprise and we’re glad we got a listen. Check it out below.


If you are in the UK, here are some tour dates:

Thu 20 Sept // LAUNCH PARTY, The Albany, Great Portland St, London
Sun 23 Sept // Earl Haig Memorial, Whitchurch, Cardiff
Sun 28 Oct // 21.00, Odd Bar , Manchester
Sat 27 Oct // 20.00, Wrexham Lager Club, Wrexham
Sun 30 Sep // 22.00, Camden Rock, Camden

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